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Now I know why they made a 30min Charger!!

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  • Now I know why they made a 30min Charger!!

    Well I have to tell you..I was so frustrated with my dewalt 18v kit that after reading about the rigid kit and seeing several of my contractor buddys buy one. I thought I would take the plunge and get the X2 kit...


    Not sure how many here with this kit have to charge their batteries after 20 to 30min hard use with their drill motors....But I do...

    Im a custom electronics we dont use these things that heavy...and I HAVE read the instructions before charging the batteries on how to charge..bla bla bla...

    This really least with the dewault you know the batterys last a while before going dead and when they die you can get a little use out of them before they go flat..

    NOT with the Rigid batteries when they die they go quick...

    what a dissappointment...I practically slept with them when I first bought Im very
    unhappy with the battery performance...

    The drill motor has great torque and works well..
    but if the battery dont last long then whats the use..

    The drill is as good as the battery...

    I could live with the STUPID BAG..that I now use for storing other things in...

    But these batteries are a joke..

    Now Im having to look at Panasonic cordless drill because of the good reveiws on their battery...

    NOW TO TOP ALL OF THIS.. yesterday I was using the Rigid saw zaw...with a drywall blade going through 2 drywall sheets and when I went to turn just a little bit...


    So what do you say to that...

    bought this kit exactly 43 days ago...

    Now I know why they have a limited lifetime warranty and a 30min charger...

    Sorry Rigid...not a very happy customer at the moment...

    in LA...

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    personally I find these batteries to out perform many if not all of the competition. I notice if I try and squeeze the last little bit of juice out the battery it will analyze the battery for a long while on the charger before charging it(meaning battery to low to charge). So as soon as it loses alittle power I switch batterys, this has opened my eyes regarding care of my other cordless tools without inteligent chargers. Like you said "the drill is only as good as the battery" and that is true, but the batteries are only as good as the charger.

    Regarding the saw zall, that sounds like a defect to me. I've used mine for all kinds of odd jobs, cutting much thicker and harder things then drywall. I've used 12" demo blades to trim tree's, carbide blades for cutting countertops tile/CBU/Ply for bigger sinks, metal blades for cutting rebar flush with a concrete slab.

    I still sleep with my kit [img]smile.gif[/img] and I purchased a second one to go under the tree for my dad.

    in OC


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      Hey Primo, my cordless sawzall did the exact same thing, the output shaft broke right where they machinded it downd to the size of a pencil to fit the chuck on.
      I got the run around from ridgid for a while, saying it would take up to 12 weeks to get it fixed, but then they just said "take it back to HD". They called the local HD for me, and it took about 2 mins worth of paper work, and I had a whole new kit.
      I was using mine with a fine tooth metal "the Torch" blade cutting up an old swing set, and it made it about 1/4" and "snap".
      As far as the batteries, they do seem to run out a little fast, but the charger makes up for it, and SO DOES THE WARRANTY!
      I am still glad I got mine.
      Some people\'s lack of a sense of humor ruins life for the rest of us.


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        IF you don't like the purchase by all means take it back if it's only 43 days old. Should get full refund. If you don't have receipt, try to find an old credit card stub.



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          IF you read the instructions, you might notice that it says that Nicad batteries do not reach full charge their first couple of times on the charger. As for the sawzall, that sounds like a defect. Take it back, and get a new one.


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            Im going to stick it out with the rigid..only because of the warranty....

            didnt know I could take back the kit after 30days...

            besides we make good money with our Im just going to try the panasonic 18v drill to see how that holds up...

            but going to stay with rigid for a little while I have their vaccum and other stuff...

            we'll see how they treat me when I return the SAWZAW...

            Thanks TRS-ry for the tip going to give it a try...

            thanks for your replys...


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              Thats cool primo.

              I hope they take care of you. Please keep us updated on how / if they resolve this issue. I liked Ridgid before conversion, but My general personality is conservative with new stuff.

              I like to buy new model cars a year after they're out to work out the bugs too. I do hope that they maintain old service quality standards, but for now I'm gonna keep my eyes on these posts to see.

              Good luck


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                Well I got my kit credit from the HD...

                Though I went ahead and just bought the Hammerdrill only...

                I can just say that the SAWZAW broke too easily for my comfort for me to get another kit...

                I did like the hammerdrill and Im going to give the batteries another try...

                anyhow at least HD took the kit back...

                I really dont think that the SawZaw was well designed...

                by the way it took almost 2hrs to return the kit...

                just my 2 cents worth..


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                  Sorry to hear about your problems Primokona. The biggest gripe I have with RIDGID is that I have to deal with BOB to get their products. I don't want to hijack your topic but like you, I wish that you could get RIDGID somewhere besides BOB and Amazon.

                  I am glad to hear that everything worked out to your satisfaction for now. Please let us know how the batteries work out.


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                    3rd charge drilled 19 holes. & 7/8 thru 2x and the rest 1inch inthru 2x. Accomplished with spade bits. Good or bad, I don't know. I have only owned B&D till now. It had fairly good battery life, I thought but never was in the position to push it and now that I am I gave it away and bought ridgid. Damn near broke my wrist when the bit got jammed. what do you all think is this good life? I am assuming it will still get better with a few more charges. John


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                      You might want to check this out concerning your battery charge:


                      Caspian was nice enough to do a lot of work to give something for everyone to compare against. Based on his results and your results there seems to be a large difference in how many holes. Seems Caspian's testing was spade bit in 2x & 4x materials.


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                        just as a point of clarification on my test, i followed the same procedure as they did in the magazine article and used an auger bit.

                        there will be a big difference in holes when comparing an auger to a spade. auger bits are much more aggressive at removing material than spades. less time spent drilling = longer battery life



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                          I'm glad you clarified the Caspian. The spade bit would make a difference. I knew that, but somehow misspoke putting it into the post.



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                            if anyone else wants to reproduce the test, i would be interested.

                            I used an Irwin 1" auger bit (cheapest i could find) for $12 and (2) standard 2x4 pine boards clamped together.

                            If you plan on doing it, please try to use new batteries conditioned by 5 charging/dischargings. easiest way to do that is to zip tie the trigger of the drill so that it runs full throttle and sit the drill in a closet (it's kinda loud).



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                              If you have the kit, you can leave the flashlight on for 2 1/2 hrs - it doesn't make noise or needlessly wear out your drill. Don't discharge more than 3 hr though (.6A x 3 = 1.8 Ahr) or some cells might reverse. These packs aren't built with preconditioned and matched capacity cells like the R/C racers do with their packs. As a pack drains down the weak cells will be completely drained but continue to pass current for the stronger cells in the pack. This causes a polarity reversal and can permanently damage the cell. Leaving the battery on the charger in topping mode helps to even out the charge level in the cells. The fully charged cells dissipate the current as extra heat while the weaker cells continue to build charge. Other chargers I've owned recommended a topping cycle at least every 10 charges.