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  • Quick Connect Feature on Drills

    First of all, I should comment that I LOVE the new line of Ridgid corded and cordless tools. It gives me the insance desire to buy tools that I already own. Hmmnn, I wonder how much my used circular saw would go for on eBay? [img]smile.gif[/img]

    Anyhow, one feature I am disappointed to NOT see on the Ridgid drills (corded and cordless) is the same kind of Quick Connect system that is featured on the Black & Decker Firestorm drills.

    I had a 12V firestorm for a couple of years, and then sold that to a friend and upgraded to a 18V firestorm. They have performed pretty well, though they seem they could probably be a little tougher.

    Anyhow, the Quick Connect system is awesome. It is great to be able to hook a drill bit into the standard chuck, for predrilling, and then have a screwdriver bit installed into the inner hex mount.

    Is there any chance that Ridgid might consider adding such a feature to the drills in the feature? And, also, why is it not on the current line of tools? I can't imagine a reason why it would be a bad feature to have, and a thousand on the positive side.

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    For some reason those type of features are only available on cheap tools. Probably increase their sales quite a bit though. There are add ons that you can buy that do the same thing, I've seen ryobi, dewalt, and makita ones in HD that work in all drills.


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      Woohoo! Awesome!

      Thanks for the reply to my post. I actually had never seen the addons, so this is very exciting for me. I am hopeless Ridgid geek - now I can make a plan to replace my firestorm eventually with a Ridgid drill.



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        Originally posted by Rafael:
        There are add ons that you can buy that do the same thing, I've seen ryobi, dewalt, and makita ones in HD that work in all drills.
        I should have asked in my post just now - do you have any recommendations for a specific brand/version of the quick connect add-on?


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          I've seen them, but never have used one. They are usually packaged with some low quality drill or driver bits in order to jack up the price, especially the ryobi. The dewalt had the fewest pieces in the package last time I saw it(yesterday), it was about $12 to $15.


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            I believe this is what Rafael is talking about;

            I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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              Rockler also has their comprehensive Insty-Bit system which you can customize for your exact requirements.