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HD drops prices on TS3650

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  • HD drops prices on TS3650

    Don't know when this hapenned, but it had to be recent. If you recall, HD upped the price of the TS3650 table saw from $549 to $597 near the end of April. Now, the price is back down to $549. Too bad I bought it when the price was high. So, should I go back to HD and plead my case, or pack it up for a return (haven't assembled it yet, but did get the arbor replaced). Problems, problems.

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    How valuable do you think your time is? I suppose $48 is $48 but the hassle and the time it will take to load up and return that saw hardly seems worth it. Plus, after you return it you'll just have to load it back up and unload it again.

    The good new is that if you purchased the saw within the last 30 days, HD will price match and you won't have to haul the saw back and forth. However, if you purchases the saw more than 30 days ago, see paragraph one.
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      I agree with Badger Dave...I dont even remember how much I paid for my saw.

      But I paid $4000 for my TV a month ago and I see now in the flyer it is priced at $3799.

      Life goes on.


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        I know, I know. Going out of my way to claim $48 seems like . . . well sort of like driving 10 miles to get a 4 cent price break on a tankful of gas. But I did it anyway. Went back to HD, honestly explained the situation to a manager and was told that HD's return policy is 30 days. Then I said that I knew that RIDGID's return policy was 90 days. The manager said ok, and credited my account $48. All very civil-no need to directly threaten returning the saw. Now, I'm probably going to turn right around and spend the money on a drill press. Everyone wins.


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          Glad you got your discount Mapper.... [img]smile.gif[/img]

          Evertime I buy something it seems the price drops.

          Especially computers.


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            You're a bargain hunter after my own heart!


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              I always say "Better the money in your pocket then theirs!"
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                Last time I was at HD, I noticed the price on the TS2400LS was also reduced ... bought mine earlier this year for $499, it was marked down to $449.


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                  You may want to check with the credit card company that you used to purchase. Many cc's have 30 day price protection on items you purchase with their card.
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