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BS1400 and Blades

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  • BS1400 and Blades

    Has anyone else tried using the BS1400 with 3/4" blades? It hits the rear blade guard on mine. I put a couple of rubber hose gaskets over each of the studs the blade guard mounts to to space it out some, the lower cabinet door hits the guard and pushes it down, so I cut a little groove in the door. Now the doors hold the blade guard on, but wondering if anyone else had encoutered this.

    I also can't get a 1/8" blade to track, it wants to come off. If wheels are coplaner, it slides of the front, if I tilt the top wheel back, it wants to go off the back. I've used it once successfully, but don't know how! FYI, I have sanded the wheels, much of the crown is gone, so could just be a narrow blade won't track anymore.