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Ridgid is undermining the US manufacturing

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  • Ridgid is undermining the US manufacturing

    Alright, I bought the Ridgid four piece combo cordless set when they offered the full lifetime warranty. The "Made in China" label phased me a bit, but the thought of new batteries for lifetime was too good of deal to pass-up. Then I read the following article,17863,1064729,00.html?promo and became sick. It talks about how the Chinese that make a power tool line for Home Depot almost fainted when they saw that HD sold the tools in the U.S. for ten times what they sold them for. Do the math. My $500 set cost about $50 bucks to make! If we keep chasing those free batteries we will be putting the last of the U.S. manufacturers out of business-or they might be bought by the Chinese -also in the article.

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    Before you get too freaked do a bit more research. Your Ridgid tools are not made by the company in the article
    Chenghai Yongjia Enterprises
    they are made by One World Technologies. Chenghai Yongjia Enterprises "Our mainly products inculde:Scraper, Building tools, Screwdrivers, Hanrdware & Furniture Fitting, Nylon Casters and etc"
    I have no doubt that they are manufactured for substantially less than what they are sold for (not likely as low as 10% of the sale price) but the same holds true for goods manufactured here as well, particularly in the agriculture and farm area. Have a look at the price a rancher is paid for a slaughter cow vs the price you pay for freezer order of 1/2 a cow. In general the wholesale cost of a product is 50 to 70% of the retail for most manufactured goods


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      After the last response, I thought I'd do some research. This is what I found. The average Chinese factory labor is 64 cents an hour, and includes benefits. The average U.S. hourly wage was $21 an hour. Info was obtained at
      A dewalt four piece cordless combo set is made in the U.S. and the Ridgid made in China and they cost roughly the same at HD. Where does that money go? Right in the pockets of the corporations. It's all about widening the profit margins!


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        The USA arguement on tools is fading fast. Before OWT took over the Ridgid line---about the only thing Emerson did make here was the table saw-----which was dropped immediately (even though it was less than a year old) by OWT.

        Delta makes the Unisaw and the original 14" bandsaw here (and maybe others), but since they were bought by B&D---who knows where these tools will be made.

        I do, however think it's a fair question to ask about where the profits go for goods made a .64 cents per hour vs. US or even Europeon made tools.???


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          B&D, Bosch, Craftsman, Campbell-Hausfeld, Delta, DeWalt, Freud, Grizzly, Hitachi, Jet, Makita, Milwaukee, Orion, Porter-Cabil, Ridgid, Ryobi, Skil, Sunhill, and all the rest that I didn't mention, can any one of them boast/claim that their product is made exclusively in the USA? I don't know the answer but I'll bet none can. As the Fergdude said, there may an exception here and there on individual tools but overall most big corporations outsource parts from all over the world.

          I'd even question whether or not the Delta Uni and bandsaw are assembled with 100% Made in the USA components. They may be 100% Built in the USA like my Ridgid 3612 but Made in the USA, I doubt it.

          Before someone chimes in about what the formula is for the right to claim that a product was Made in the USA, I already know about it. But if we can generalize about the cost of bringing a product to market then why can't we also generalize and say if it's not 100% American made from the ground up(raw materials)then you can't call it Made in the USA. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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            Made mostly in USA by Americans is better than made by communist slaves to enrich a communist military that aims nuclear missles at us. After all, thats exactly where the extra money is going.

            64 cents an hour is a sin. I want all you gentlemen who dont care about the human beings trying to subsist on this wage to waltz into your bosses office tomorrow and demand that you be paid 64 cents an hour and not a penny more ever again. These same workers turn up missing and dead when they try to complain or do something about their plight. If thats what you want for America keep supporting it for those Chinese slaves.
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              While I don't like to support communist countries, you guys are missing the point. Yes they make 64 cents any hour but a loaf of bread only costs 5 cents. And a set of Ridgid tools made for them costs $50 bucks not $500 as in this country.

              It is not how much you make that is important is is how does you income compares to the cost of living. In 1967 I made $525 a month which was about $3.50 an hour and I thought I was rich. My house cost $12,000 dollars and I bought a new car for $1800. Today people make $21 an hour or $3500 a month but cars cost $30,000 and houses $200,000
              You tell me which was better off.

              If you make 64 cents an hour and the cost of products reflect that wage you better off. Because you can now sell to the world and will have a job. However if your making $21 an hour because you need that much to buy anything your going to lose because it can be made cheaper and sooner or laters somebody will start making it for less and you will be out of a job.

              We have got caught up in salary raise, increase cost cycle for years all we have managed to do is actually make less and price ourselves out of the world market. I'll take 64 cents an hour if the guy that builds my house also gets 64 cents an hour and the material is priced to sell to people that are making 64 cents an hour.
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                I just returned from a trip to Lowe's and I took a good look at where the powered tools were made. It appears Dewalt is shifting more and more of their production to Mexico. If you want to "Buy American" if have to pick and choose different tools between PC, Dewalt and Milwaukee. As far as finding Ridgid power tool made in U.S.A - good luck. Of course we all know they are made in China. I've been looking at a roofing nailers and can say Ridgids are made in Taiwan. If you want one made in the U.S you need to buy Bostitch or Paslode.

                The problem here is that American manufacturers can't compete with those manufacturers that pay 64 cents an hour, no workmans comp, health insurance, social security and have to deal numerous environmental and OSHA regulations and restrictions. The foriegn manufacturers squeeze US manufacturers by being able to offer lower prices and extras (i.e free batteries) that U.S. manufacturers could ill afford. Therefore, U.S. manufacturers are forced to outsource in order to survive and boost profits. Also, remember these decisions are made by CEO and shareholders that focus only on the bottom line.

                That said, we would not be in this predicament if Americans, in some cases myself, were reluctant about buying foreign goods. When I was stationed in South Korea I noticed they were very nationalistic and tried to buy only South Korean made products. They run trade surpluses.

                As far as buying Chinese, I can tell you this. A part of your purchase goes to the State, which is the same communist regime that ran over students protesting for democratic reform with tanks in Tiananmen Square.

                In the end, I think we should pay more attention where things are made before we purchase. Some people think that they are isolated from the loss of manufacturing jobs, but that can be farthest from the truth. Our economy is all interrelated. The service side will take a downturn if manufacturing goes down. Its a dominoe effect. Well, the worst it can get is we all get jobs working for $7 an hour at Wal-mart selling cheap foreign crap. Keep smiling!


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                  Originally posted by toolhog:
                  As far as buying Chinese, I can tell you this. A part of your purchase goes to the State, which is the same communist regime that ran over students protesting for democratic reform with tanks in Tiananmen Square.
                  Check your own backyard first. Using your analogy, every gallon of gas sold in this country has a portion of the sale price go to State and Federal Governments. The same governments that brought us, Kent State, Attica, Watts riots, Rodney King, etc.

                  You're not going to even come close to solving the problems of the world on the Ridgid Forum. However, there is a forum at the bottom of the main page that deals with this type of Off Topic stuff. May I suggest you take it there.
                  I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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                    here we go again, some people just like to talk politics in this forum, i wonder why.. like what i have said before, a lot of tools are now being made in china, taiwan or mexico or whatever asian countries with very cheap labor.. of course quality might not be that good but for price its impossible to compete with them head-on. in order for firms to stay alive, there is definitely going to be more outsourcing of goods to asia whether we like it or not.. i belive it is inevitable to say the least..


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                      I'm American Chinese and sure I like the quality of USA made tools, but they're increasingly hard to find. I have many Ridgid tools, picked up the three pc set , impact driver and ts3650 just this month alone. I am impressed with the quality, so what, it comes from China, we are all saving money. Even Hitachi is building tools in China, although a few sliding saws are still made in Japan. I buy a tool on quality where it is made doesn't really matter. If the brand is good then the manufacturing controls will be good.


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                        The Chinese don't have Unions...hence the cost savings. I'm with BadgerDave on this one; is anything made in the USA? Assembled in the U.S is one thing; made in the USA is another. The rest of the comments are a little too deep for me, but I do pay that's American!!!


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                          When I bought my Unisaw I was naieve enough to think that I had bought an American made product. The ID plate on the saw says "assembled in the US with domestic and foreign made parts" the motor was made in for the rest of it who knows. I answered an ad in the local paper for a Powermatic band saw and jointer. The owner said they were old but he didn't know how old but that they were American made. The bandsaw was made in Taiwan and the jointer had no ID that I could find. He wanted $750 for the jointer and I wouldn't trade my Ridgid for it if he gave me $200 to boot. I've quit considering where something was made and make my decisions based on quality and the company's reputation for customer service.


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                            "As far as buying Chinese, I can tell you this. A part of your purchase goes to the State, which is the same communist regime that ran over students protesting for democratic reform with tanks in Tiananmen Square."

                            Also the same regime that helped North Vietnamese gun down US servicemen in Nam. Same ones caught spying on us for nuclear secrets. Same ones philosophically and idealistically opposed to a capitalist free market system.....that is, until they can take one over (ours).

                            We've been sold down the river gentlemen. By our own government, and our own personal buying practices. Welcome to the "New World Order".

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                              If I could outsorce my work (custom decks) having someone work for me at $0.64 an hour and be happy about it, I would do it. ANYONE who has a business would its the smart thing to do. Charge as much as you can for a product and pay as little for it just a smart way to do business. Why do you call different places for prices on products... find the lower price duh. As far as money going to support communist countries... EVERY dollar spent on EVERYTHING some part will go to support something that you dont agree with so get over it. I buy my tools based on track record I own Ridgid, Bosch, Hitachi, etc, etc I dont care were the tools are made.
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