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Need Help On Gift For My Dad Please

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  • Need Help On Gift For My Dad Please

    Hello, I want to get my Dad a new corded drill for Xmas this year and have been looking at the DeWalt D21008K and the Ridgid R7000. Where I live the Ridgid R7000 is $20 cheaper so I am leaning towards that, but I would rather spend the extra $20 if the Dewalt is a better drill. Please help me out and let me know what you all think would be a better choice. Thanks

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    In one sense you've answered your own Question not only is it $ 20.00 dollars cheaper, but it comes with a lifetime service warranty I'm sure your dad will be happy with that. Also just for the record I have utilized warranty work on my sander {velcro padding } with no Questions asked and now I'm up and running. I'm very happy with all my Ridgid products. P.S Hope this might help!


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      I agree the Ridgid drill is nice drill motor and probably a good deal with the lifetime warranty. I don't know how much the Ridgid or the DeWalt go for, as I am not in the market for a corded drill now or anytime soon.

      Which is my point, I have a Milwaukee Magnum Hole-shooter 1/2" VSR corded drill that is still going strong for over 15 years. It does not get used every day anymore, but it did for a number of years and still gets used a couple times a week.

      I don't think I would take any of today's drill motors over this one. It's a model 0234-1 if I remember correctly. The last digit might be the series so the current version might be a -6 or something. It was $139 back in 1987/88. Don't remember exactly what year I bought it, but I remember what job I was on, we were installing a new printing press for a Philadelphia area newspaper. Nothing has ever gone wrong with it and I think the handle design is one of the most comfortable out there. I like the detachable cord too. Makes putting it away in the tool box easier and less chancce of damage to the cord, plus it can be quickly exchanged in less than a minute for another if damaged if you have another Milwaukee tool with the same cord setup.

      Thinking about this a little more and I wonder if you might not be better off getting him a gift card and tell him what the moeny is for. At least for me, unless I had specified a particular make/model of tool, I ask my family to give me the money and I will pick out what the tool I have been drooling over the past couple months.

      I think it's easier than living with something that's not exactly what you wanted and no time lost returning/exchanging something. And no one feels like they can't get you what you wanted.

      [ 11-22-2005, 06:40 PM: Message edited by: Bob D. ]


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        Knowing the person and what he or she does for work and hobby would weigh heavily on such a decision. I'm mostly a hobbyist myself, but remember well my Dad when he worked in the trades. He was pretty much partial to certain brands depending on the kind of tool it was. I'm sure a lot of that was based on his particular exeriences.

        From my limited point of view, I'm partial to Ridgid and the overall quality of their tools and their support. In addition, their Limited Lifetime Service agreement, 90-day money back guarantee, and 3-year general warranty are very attractive. I also like tools that come with decent cases, as I consider that important; but, there are many others who never use the case and therefore don't care.

        Also, depending on the person/family, etc. an actual gift may be preferrable over a "gift card". With others, the latter may be okay, but for me, I'd still want to share the actual gift experience and if I went the gift card route, I'd make a point of joining my Dad on his visit to the store to select the tool of his dreams.

        Bottom line, is that it depends on the person. But, going with my preference, I'd buy the Ridgid, and if they didn't like it or preferred another brand, there's that 90-day, money-back agreement that Ridgid offers (no questions asked, just return it to Home Depot with the receipt). That way, you've got the best gift from your point of view, and, if he isn't delighted, your Dad has the opportunity to "educate" you on his preferences. In which case, you both get an outing to Home Depot to do an exchange. Either way, it sounds like fun and a memorable occasion with your Dad.

        Best wishes for the holidays,



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          They are both very similar and capable drills and should last if they are not abused, if he requires a drill that will last forever with continuous use than by all means follow Bob’s advice and get a Milwaukee. If you go to and look at their drill selection the Ridgid is $57 and the DeWalt is $59, with the added bonus of receiving an additional 10% off thanks to Tony Stewarts Championship if you order by the 23rd. It is hard to offer advice when there is really no wrong answer. With similar prices and features the deciding factor usually is how comfortable they are in your hand, but if your dad favors yellow tools, then go with the DW, if not let your wallet decide.

          Good luck



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            Thanks for the tips everyone. I have decided to go with the Ridgid R7000 for a number of reasons. The big one is price, I live in Canada and the Ridgid sells for $64.95 here while the DeWalt sells for $89.99. I went to Home Depot to check them out and I was very impressed with the feel and features on the R7000. It felt like a solid drill that will probably do everything he wants and more. Plus I save $25 to grab him some clamps or even a gift card. Thanks again for your help.