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  • 18v X2 Batteries

    Does anyone know where I can purchase additional Ridgid 18v X2 batteries? The local HD does not have them...has never had them...has no idea when any will be shipped in. I would like to pick-up 2 now, to get the lifetime warranty on them. Thanks

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    Relax!!! From what has been posted here they are not covered under the lifetime warranty..


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      It has been posted by 2 different admin's that batteries sold as accessories are indeed covered.


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        sling, I've had 18v X2 batteries in stock for almost a month. I dunno what's up down there in Fla. I'll PM you the SKU tomorrow after work, and you can see if they have it available down there.


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          Originally posted by sling:
          It has been posted by 2 different admin's that batteries sold as accessories are indeed covered.
          My wife is right I'm hard of hearing and reading also...I thought I had read that they were accessories and only the ones that match the date of the drill/tool that was registered were covered...

          My drill has a date code of G0337 and both my batteries have the same number...

          this is where I must of got the incorrect information

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          Below is information given to me regarding the lifetime warranty and how it applies to batteries


          "OWT's Lifetime Service Warranty is an agreement between OWT, RIDGID Authorized Service Centers and the original purchaser of all RIDGID power tools (corded, cordless, bench and stationary) during our promotional window. Notice that the Home Depot is not part of this equation - they are a retail center not a service center. PLEASE understand that the Lifetime Service Warranty is NOT a "no questions asked" return and/or exchange policy. In fact, if properly communicated, the Lifetime Service Warranty will reduce returns to the Home Depot.

          In order to exercise rights of the Lifetime Service Warranty, the original purchaser of the tool must take the tool and the receipt to a RIDGID Authorized Service Center for service. The service center will validate eligibility based on receipt information and will service the tool at OWT's expense.

          A cordless battery that needs service is only eligible for the Lifetime Service Warranty if it was purchased as part of a cordless kit, not bought as an accessory to compliment a kit (Lifetime Service Warranty is applicable to all power tool purchases not accessory purchases). Therefore, if a customer buys a cordless kit during our promotion, and at some point in time one of the batteries fail to accept a charge (as all batteries eventually do), then the customer would take the complete cordless kit to a service center, show the service center the receipt, and the service center will repair or replace the battery. The first time a customer brings a RIDGID power tool in for service, the Service Center will record the serial number and receipt date. Remember, our batteries are matched to the original kit by the manufacture date stamping. After that point in time, the customer will no longer need the receipt as the Service Center will have that information on file tied to the serial number."

          I hope this answers your question. The answer is yes, the batteries which comes with the tool are covered.



          Anyone else have this code and what is the range of codes out there...

          Superdave do you know what number is on the ones you have in stock???

          Anyone know how to break the code July 37, 2003 doesn't seem right for some reason....

          [ 12-06-2003, 11:05 PM: Message edited by: rrmcbride ]


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            I just saw 10 of the 18volt batteries at Home Depot in Grand Rapids Michigan here. The Home Depot associate said everything in my 4 piece combo was covered. I'll be pretty upset if that's not the case since that was a big selling point for me.


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              Yes everything in the combo box is covered....

              The West Livonia HD has the batteries...they must of been there a while there is a thick layer dust on them...Date code is G0331

              I need G0337 to match my kit..


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                thanks for the feedback...will check around this area for instock batteries.


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                  Well, I finally found one at the 3rd HD that I tried. $80 seemed like alot, but oh well.


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                    Sling...where you able to match the date code on the new one with your kits?


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                      No. I could not match dates, but since only one battery was to be found in my area, I will take what I was able to get.


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                        Been stopping by hd every other day for 3 weeks still no batteries here. I asked and they said to order it from but I couldn't find them there either. Maybe I missed them, but it doesn't look like SD will have them any time soon. Anyone know of a legit source with the warrany I can get one over the net? John