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TS3650 Rattle on start up

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  • TS3650 Rattle on start up

    Is it normal to hear a metallic rattle when i start the saw? After the first second, its gone and everything sounds smooth. I can't figure out what makes that noise.
    Jesse David

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    No, it's not normal. It could be almost anything from a loose bolt to a loose blade on the fan in the motor. I'd ask someone else to listen for the noise with you. Two sets of ears may make it easier to pinpoint where it's coming from.
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      Does anyone elses saw do this? Have you figured out what causes it? Its slight, just a quick rattle and then its fine.
      Jesse David


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        Whenever I've had a similar problem, it's been the belt, pulley alignment or the pulley guard out of place. With the power unplugged, try rotating the blade by hand and see if you hear anything.


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          I had this happen with my saw after I'd first put it together. It turned out to be the shims that I'd used on the rod that connects the front & back rails. I didn't have enough shims, so the ones that were used would rattle quite loudly when I would first start the saw.

          I added a shim or two, and the rattling went away.


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            I just got done hooking my shop up with a new power supply of 220v and my TS3650 now makes this noise when starting up,Only for a split second.I thought it was the metal 12" ruler sitting on top of my fence in between the face boards I added but that wasnt it.I have to get back in the shop after easter and figure it out.I have run it only on 110v since last december and dont remember hearing this noise.When I am laid off in the winter I put about 50-60 hours a week in my shop so I would have noticed it before.If anyone figures it out let us know please.


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              In case anyone is having a similar problem and comes across this same issue. I fixed the startup rattle by adjusting the belt tension. When the initial torque hit, it was yanking the loose belt into the belt guard. For more info,