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Show me the gray Ridgid Boxes, Dirt Cheap

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  • Show me the gray Ridgid Boxes, Dirt Cheap

    Today I went into a HD store and I decided to go Check out the TS3650. I looked in the overhead (top shelf) and behold gray boxes of all type. Band Saw$149.00, Table saw$194.00, Oscillating Sander$99.00, Lathe$77.00, Joint planer$149.00, Dust collection, Her-cu-lift $44.00 and other goodies. Can anyone give his or her opinion on the lathe and the joint planer? I plan to pick both of them up.

    Thanks Guys

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    Sorry for the double Post. I can't log in to edit my previous post.

    For get to mention the Depot I'm refering to is in Brooklyn New York.



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      For $149 the jointer is a steal!!!!


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        The TS is a great price if it's the 3612 or 2424. So is the jointer. See what shape they're in and grab both if they pass muster.


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          Knot me

          Everything is brand new in box with original straps and all. Better believe I'm gonna grab what I can.

          Does anyone have any kind of experience with the Lathe (gray Box) I've read some not so favorable comments. Please post opinion and comments.

          Thanks Guys


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            The jointer is a steal at that price. I paid $225 for mine and consider it a steal. Look for extra jointer blades if you buy it, BORG has been closing those out for $12 or 1/2 price, and that's about what it would cost to have a set sharpened.

            You might want to nab a bandsaw at that price, too. If you do, look for the riser and fence kits at the same time (especially the riser) they were $35 on closeout and very hard to come by anymore. I was lucky and a friend on another forum got me one.

            The TS must be a 2424 or 3612, that's a steal also.

            I've heard some bad reviews of the lathe. If there is a Lowes nearby (and there usually is one not too far from an HD) they were closing out the Delta Midi lathes for $169, which is about 1/2 price. Delta also has a rebate on these lathes, a free bed extension or set of turning tools to sweeten the pot. Alas, none of the Lowes down here carry the lathe. In all, I came away from the Great Grey Tool Hunt of 2004 with a jointer, planer, BS, riser block and 4 sets jointer knives for under $600, pretty sweet!

            Oh yeah, look for the drill press, too, they were $114 which is also a steal.


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              Buy the Tablesaw, the bandsaw, and the jointer. All are good tools to start out with. Of course, the more you get into teh "hobby" the more you'll want that Unisaw, 18" bandsaw, and 8" DJ-20


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                Also forgot to mention, HD has a rebate on Ridgid tools right now in the form of an HD gift card. Can't remember the specifics, but I think if you buy $500 in Ridgid tools you get a $100 gift card. Might not apply to these, but it wouldn't hurt to check their website and ask when you make the purchase.


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                  Just to update everyone. Today I went back to HD and nabbed me BS1400,TS3612,JP0610 and the WL1200 all for $453. Pretty sweet


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                    What a deal!! If anyone knows where I can get a riser for my ridgid bandsaw, would appreciate it...thanks Dave
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                      Looks like you hit the jackpot. those are all great tools with the exception of the lathe. But you can't even go wrong there for $77. I wish I could find more grey stuff around here. I bought the last 13" planer and OS sander from my store and I love them.


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                        I saw a riser block today clearanced for $35 at a home depot in Warwick, RI. Probably too far for you to drive.

                        I've seen a few in recent weeks. Your best bet is to go to all of the stores in your area and search. Let me know if you can't find one.


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                          "Just to update everyone. Today I went back to HD and nabbed me BS1400,TS3612,JP0610 and the WL1200 all for $453. Pretty sweet"

                          Ya know, Timber, WoodWorker's have an old saying for when one of their ranks comes across a spectacular bargain like that.

                          Lemme see if I can recall, I think it goes something like this:

                          YOU SUCK!!!

                          Just kidding, congrats! Enjoy all those cool toys, and be careful!


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                            yea I know


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                              I'm headed to NYC next weekend and wanted to stop by the Brooklyn store that you referenced. I see that there are 4 or so. Which one were you talking about?


                              I emailed your account listd in your profile, but I'm not sure that it's a regularly checked account.