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Ridgid battery powered tools and the future

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  • Ridgid battery powered tools and the future

    I an becoming a fan of the Ridgid battery (18v) powered tools, to the point that I might get rid of my Dewalt stuff. The lifetime warranty is hard to beat (if it is all that its said to be). Big problem is that, as we know, Ridgid makes about 5 or 6 18v tools, where Dewalt makes probably three times as many, if you count all 18v products. I wonder if Ridigd will ever have this wide a product line, or are they just out to kill the drill ,saw ,recip saw lines of other vendors only?

    Rigid, where do we go from here?

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    No doubt Dewalt has Ridgid beat on quantity but Ridgid has been expanding their line with the recent introduction of the 18V impact and an 18V caulking gun (I don't think Dewalt has one of these)


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      Ridgid also has a cordless power plane, which DeWalt doesn't have either. With that said I am not a big fan of the Ridgid line and am going back to DeWalt. I would be willing to horse trade my relatively new ridgid tools for some DeWalt tools. If interested at all call me at 1-406-885-3100

      Thanks,<br /><br />W. Blake<br /><br />FLATHEADFOOS.COM


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        Neither DeWalt or any other power tool manufacturer will make a cordless caulking gun (save Ryobi of course) because there isn't enough demand. There is a reason only Milwaukee makes a Hole Hawg drill. Other manufactures can not sell enough of them to warrant the R&D for such a small market segment. Ridgid may offer more tools but only if enough fanboys jump on the free (but takes forever) lifetime warranty. You want more tools? Go spend more money.
        I don't work for Ridgid and I don't work for Home Depot but I likely know more about both than someone who works at either.