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Rigid 12" Miter

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  • Rigid 12" Miter

    I have an older model Rigid 12" miter, I am trying to find an exactline laser, one was purchased from an online store but would not fit this saw. Someone told me their not that great, but would like to try it for myself, exact model is not known right now

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    The washer style laser lights will not work on the older Ridgid CMS's. The Laser Kerf model can be mounted on your CMS and is actually a much better system then the washer style ones.
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      Thanks BadgerDave for the information and link, I was reading another Post on the Exactline and someone was saying the washer type was 1/8" off because of the width of the blade this one looks better and hopefully easy to install, already wasted money on the washer one and gave it to a friend for his Miter.