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Ridgid horizontal bandsaw 971.1706.r ???

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  • Ridgid horizontal bandsaw 971.1706.r ???

    unable to find another on google. unable to find any literature ridgid. have a chance to buy 1. Advise pleaase

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    posting a picture may help,

    from my searching, guessing tho it is one of the older Taiwan or Chinese made 64.5" blade metal cutting band saws,

    since the number does not bring up repair parts, My guess is your on your own there, (as if buying new is much different now days),

    I have bought two of the horizontal band saws, and basically wore out the first, (15-20 years under heavy farm use) and bought a Jet for about double the amount of the low cost units, can not say it is much is any better than the first one,

    There an OK machine if it is what I think it is, and if set correctly (but some of the saws) at a night mare, keeping the blade on or to getting it to cut straight.

    try it before you buy it (unless it is so low cost) that it is not a concern, a Lennox or high quality blade is a must IMO, yes I know it is hard to spend $35 on a blade, but they will last a very long time, if one does not try to get in to cutting harden steel,
    or junk steels like re-bar and other that can vary in hardness a lot, use a cut off wheel for hard steels

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