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    I recently got a Ridgid cordless kit. The blade on the circular saw is on the left side of the tool. Shouldn't it be on the right side, like the Ridgid corded circular saw? I have a Stanley angle cutting tool (which I also got at HD) and it is designed to be used with saws that cut on the right.

    What's up with this?

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    Jim, some people just prefer the blade to be on the left side of the saw. They claim that its easier to follow the cut line with the blade on the left. One other way to look at it is if the blade is on the RH side of the saw is a right handed saw and if the blade on the left it's a left handed saw. In this case, some right handed people prefer to use a left handed tool.
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      There are safety issues related to this design.
      Corded circular saws are generally "blade right" so that right handed users (majority) will have the weight of the saw remaining on the steady material. When you cut a piece of wood and the piece falls, the saw doesn't fall with it.

      Also, a "blade right" saw keep the blade away from your body when you carry the saw at your side.

      "Blade left" saws make more sense as far as line of sight, but safety concerns dictate this design.

      True professional saws (Porter Cable, worm drives) are made in "blade left" design because they are aimed at professional users who know how to use their tools.

      Cordless tools are blade left because they are mainly for trim work, not ripping and framing. Safety is not as big of concern. Contractors are not running their 18V DeWalt 8 hours a day.


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        I have both left/right blade saws, I dont really have a problem using either one, maybe its just me, but I think I like the ridgid better (left).