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Where are there Service Centers???

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    BadgerDave, a valid point and a fair challenge. The network is improved but obviously you (the end user) are the judge of success. More work is required. I appreciate your candor and support.


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      Just a quick reply. It really depends on the service center. I used to work for HD and discovered the need for a service center in the Minneapolis area. I started one and now turn most things around while the customer waits, if I have the parts in stock. I know most centers are 2 to 4 weeks behind.


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        now what?

        Hello to all, I am an oldtime user of many Rigid plumbing tools in the past and purchased the Rigid lifetime warranty 18 volt combo kit a few years ago. Since then the recip saw blew the blade holder, and now the drill has a blown clutch. Not a bad set with all the use I give it. I like the plate on the circular saw and its visable cutting line, there just is not quite enough power to cut wet 2X. It does it but a little slow. The light comes in handy, even though I thought I would never use it. The drill works well, but, could use a better chuck like the ones that you reverse hand turn to tighten the last 1/2 turn to tighten the bit in the chuck. Otherwise a good strong drill. The recip saw is a wild dog in a good way. Really works well of all the ones I have. De Walt, Millwauke, and Bosch. I am probably going to get the new Li Ion Makita set, Maybe........

        Anyway, I took my drill to HD and they said I would have to take it to another store and I did only to find that they told me I would have to take it back to the store that I just came from. LOL I said that I was not about to get a runaround and that they needed to get someone that was familiar with Rigid warranty claims. After about an hour with my 6 year old girls and I waiting for someone, they finally took the tool and said that I might be responsible for the repair. I showed the receipt and explained that it was under a lifetime unconditional repair or replacement warranty, but, they were clueless. I received a phone call about 9 days later and was told that the motor was toast and that it would cost me $150. 00 to fix it. I have tried to contact the person that called me, but, he is constantly unavailable.

        Any ideas what I should do now? I am covered with a drill for now using my old 18volt De Walt, really bad batteries on those things, I burn out the darn things about 6 to 8 mo. but I would like to get my Ridgid going soon or I guess I will just try one of those new Li Ion Makita's.

        Any help would be appreciated. I live in the San Francisco area. Is there a special service center here?

        The best to all. MOre to come. -ED