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anyone else had this problem before???

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  • anyone else had this problem before???

    A few years back my wife and mother in law, for my birthday went in on a delta 10" compound miter saw. Dont have the model number handy but it ran over 200.00 when they bought it. It was between that and the ridgid which at the time was 199.00. The "salesman" (and I use that term loosley) at home depot steered them toward the delta instead of the ridgid because he claimed it was a better buy for less money (only a few bucks) despite the non lifetime warranty.

    Well i got this saw as a gift just prior to remodeling my mother in law's bathroom (happy birthday

    Actually in all honesty i did not mind I enjoy doing that kind of work and was glad to get the saw. The problem is, for whatever reason, the saw refuses to cut square consistantly. I have replaced the back fence twice "once under warranty" and now prior to each and every cut i must check the blade for square not only with the table but with the workpiece itself. Now I know i have asked some "woodworking 101" questions here before and i am sure i will again, but this one should be a no brainer? it has the stops for 45 deg and 90 deg which are set with a precision square, yet three or 4 cuts later they are out of square. either because of the fence or the blade/motor. am i missing something simple, or is this common with these saws? was their a recall?

    I have receintly ordered all new replacement nuts screws and bolts, and this winter plan to tear it down clean it and put it all back together. Am i missing something simple? or is this a common problem with this saw?

    I have the model number handy as i just ordered some parts, but it is burried right now. if the model number is important let me know. if this is a delta specific problem please let me know. I will assume i am missing something simple.

    and on a secondary note, both ridgid and craftsman sell the laser attachment for the 5/8" arbor (as does either lee valley or rockler saw it in one of the two catalogs for right around 50 bucks), is this worth putting on this saw or will it not be any more accurate??

    Thanks to anyone here willing to share an advice/insight. I love this foroum, unlike others there is no "I know more than you do". No one hesitates to share knowledge/experiences (an no one belittles anyone for asking "inexperience/woodworking 101 questions). That is one of the reasons i stay here.

    Thanking all in advance and a happy holidays to all!

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    Space, I am not sure about your saw,but have you looked at the pivot bearings? Could be a worn spot in the bushing, or more likely a bent bolt or shaft that turns after you have adjusted it and makes the angle off again. The problem is not with the fence, that is not a moving part. Once you set it to square it will not move, unless you were to hit it with the wood or something. I really believe you will find something worn or bent in the moveable parts. The lasers are nice, but wont solve your problem. When Craftsman introduced their first laser saw I went to the store and got the model # from it. I went to their web site and looked up the parts. I ordered one of the lasers that is a disc that replaces the arbor support plate on the blade. It is only on when the blade is moving by way of a cetrifigul switch made into it. I put it on my Delta 8 1/2" CMS. The way it helps is the laser line hits your mark so that you do not need to raise and lower the blade to align it with your mark. You just start the saw and then slide the wood cut mark under the laser line and cut. I have heard quite a few complaints about the frame or handle mouted lasers because they can change position during use from vibration. The one I use is Blade mounted and cannot change. If you have the time you can look back a couple of years on the forums here and find my original thread on this subject. I posted the sears part # and price at that time. Around $60 with shipping if I remember. This past summer I had a big deck and fencing job to do so I took the laser off of the Delta and put it on my Central Machinery 10" slideing miter saw ( Harbour Freight) and it worked flawlessly. I have since put it back on my Delta because that is the saw I use most fro trim and moldings. Hope this helps and let me know what you find out on your Saw.
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