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Happy Mood Walking Out of HD?

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  • Happy Mood Walking Out of HD?

    Well, for the first time in a long time I walked out of HD with a smile on my face and $500 less in my wallet, well on the HD card with 12 months no interest.

    Picked up the X2 3 piece set (Drill, Circ saw and flashlight w/tool bag - $327) and an EB4424 ($199) then had a 10% coupon.

    I love the saw it is just too handy and easy to use. I have been using it on 6/4 cypress with no problem, no hardwood yet except a pass across some 4/4 bloodwood.

    The drill is just flat out impressive. nuff said.

    As far as the EB4424, I couldn't pass it up for $180 and one night of using it and I don't know how I ever got anything done without it. I had looked at the $99 brand Ro%$*& spindle but I am soooooooo glad I got the Ridgid, the belt has just save me hours.

    Shucks, already got my CHRISTmas present for this year.

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