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Overhaul of my Craftsman contractors-saw

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  • Overhaul of my Craftsman contractors-saw

    You con go to this url to see that magnificent job I did on this overhaul its a gargantuan humongous improvement.

    In the bottom right had corner of the page with the pictures you'll see the word older click on it for more pictures.

    You can click on the picture to make it larger.

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    Why did you make it look so much like a BT3100?
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    All of us could take a lesson from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism.


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      Heck Dave if I dropped my router table wing on a BT3100 it would be history or for sure if I dropped the right extension on it. Both are a double layer of MDF wrapped in 13/16 oak.

      So tell me what you'll really think about the saw.


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        Definately a two thumbs up job. It must have taken you quite awhile and a lot of TLC to bring that baby back to like new shape. What size engine you got in that hotrod? Didn't the Unis' back them have 1½ or 2 HP motors? Again, great job, you should definately feel proud.
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        All of us could take a lesson from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism.


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          Hi Dave

          The saw had a 3 phase motor in it.

          I couldn't afford the Delta 3 hp motor @ about $400 So it has a Grizzly 3 HP @ $200 which bolted right in & has plenty of power.

          As you probably saw it has a Shopfox fence.

          I purchased the saw on the 18th of December for $250 & cleaned & painted the outside then didn't work on it over Christmas & started back to work on it on the 28th & worked several hours on it through the 3rd of January then I had to go back to work.

          From then on I worked a few hours here & there until I brought it home from my friends shop last Friday night. I brought the tables & fence system home on Thursday. At around 7 PM Friday I started with cutting the DC hole & paint touch up. Then on to truing the top to the blade & installing the fence system & squaring the fence to the miter slot & hooking up the switch. Saturday I installed the tables & had it up & running before 3 PM.

          The clean up & repaint & table building & wiring the motor & switch was done over at my friends shop with quite a bit of help from him.

          I didn't have enough room in my shop for all of this work because that OTHER SAW was still there & in the way. It is still setting in storage waiting for the final decision of the person looking to purchase it.