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3650 stiffness revisited

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    Totally agree with Rev Ed. I've done the "wiggle" test when I find the saws and it's a 50/50 shot if you get the wiggle----Likely, the only way we'd know for sure is to check the serial numbers on the saws, to see if it was indeed a later improvement. I think the thing that annoys me the most is Emerson had a leg flex problem back when they made their saws for Sears----I went through the bracing sequence as well. However, later designs of the 2424 and 3612 solved the problem, by adding stretchers----and along comes OWT and creates the same problem again.

    BTW---I fixed my with angle iron stretchers about 4" up from the bottom and also added insert panels on three sides. If you have a salvage yard or dump----check for old bed frames---they are a great source of angle iron.


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      I was building my TS3650 today and saw the post speculating about the newer saws possibly being equipped with heavier gauge legs. Mine mic'd out to be .075", and since I was curious, I took my mic to Home Depot and measured the leg thickness on thier display unit... the result? .075", same as mine. Maybe some of you who have a leg flex issue can measure your leg thickness and see what you come up with. (Mine is not finished, so I cannot comment on whether I have a leg-flex issue or not.)

      Greg Nold


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        I like seeing multiple solutions to a problem. In the bottom of this thread web page you can see what solution I used to help the leg flex.