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Does Rigid Offer A Satisfaction Guarantee?

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  • Does Rigid Offer A Satisfaction Guarantee?

    So I made my first Rigid power tool purchase. A 12v drill/impact driver combo. I have a bunch of Rigid plumbing tools I'm happy with. I bought it to replace an older Bosch 12v combo.

    I opened it up used both for a half hour to try it and see how it compares. Unfortunately, I'm totally unimpressed. I had to resort back to my Bosch to finish driving two Spax power lags. The Rigid drove it half way into the stud and bound. The Bosch compled it easily.

    Anyway, now that it's open, will HD allow me to exchange it for something else? I have the receipt and all the packaging. I'm just not satisfied with it.

    Anyone have experiences in a similar situation?

    Thanks in advance for any advice!!

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    90day satisfaction guarantee, just take it back for credit. Now, if you purchased it more than 90 days ago you own it.


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      Cool thanks! I purchased it around December 19th so I should be good.


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        You should seriously look at the Ridgid 18V GEN5X line of power tools.
        The newest and possibly best impact driver is the new GEN5X brushless model..Avoid
        the oil filled model you get too much vibration/feedback on the handle.

        Be sure to register them for the LSA program after you try them out and decide to keep them.

        The rule of thumb is lag bolts need more power!

        Cactus Man


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          You should seriously look at something other than Ridgid cordless tools. Unless you enjoy heartache and pain.

          ... it was plumbed by Ray Charles and his helper Stevie Wonder


          • Bob D.
            Bob D. commented
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            I agree, but because you were so easily dissatisfied,
            not because there is anything wrong with the tools.

          • CWSmith
            CWSmith commented
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            Sorry you were not satisfied with the brand.

            Speaking for my own experience, the only Ridgid tools that I am not satisfied with is my cordless 12 Volt Li-ion JobMax and drill/driver. All the corded tools which includes the Ridgid drill press, jointer, thickness planer, ROS, finish sander, 2-base Router, trim router, and recip saw are flawless. Likewise are the cordless 14.4 Volt VS drill and impact driver, and the 18 Volt hammer drill and circular sawa that I have. Those cordless tools were purchased in 2005 and 2006 and I have yet to have their NiCad batteries replaced. I just used the 14.4 drill to bore holes for wiring in my new shop. While I did have to switch the battery one or two times, I don't think that's bad at all for a couple of ten year old batteries driving more than thirty 5/8-inch holes. Only repair I've ever had to have is for a drill chuck to be properly installed and a single part replacement on my finish sander. (Even my ancient Emerson-built 1974 RAS is still going strong!.)

            I'm more than satisfied.


          • Gary 1
            Gary 1 commented
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            As a contractor I would have to agree with you, I don't know what a "PITA" does but I do know that plumbers and hvac techs use tools constantly. Sorry to hear that you are so easily dissatisfied

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          Real men use 18 volt tools the heavier the better! Please tell me youre not married because talk about disappointment. I understand wanting the most performance from your tools, which is why I always opt for overkill. The greater torque from 18 volt over 12 also results in less stress on the tool. My Ridgid drill and drivers never disappointed, and the heavy duty impact is a beast. Please give the 18volt a try before giving up on Ridgid.


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            I have the 12V drill and it has performed well for what it is. You're shouldn't expect to be able to drive lag screws and other such heavy work with it, that's not what it is intended for as I see it.

            It's a handy, pocket size drill/driver that is suitable for light to medium work. I keep it in my home tool bag for repairs around the house.

            When I have real work to do I use the 18V RIDGID tools and they work just fine.

            I also have the 12V JobMax, and I like it over the 18V for the lighter weight and smaller handle (because of the much smaller battery) which makes it easier to handle and use in tight spaces. If I have heavy work that the JobMax is suited for then I have the AC powered console or I have my Fein Multimaster which I bought before the JobMax or any of the other copycat tools appeared on the scene a few years ago.

            I also wonder did you fully charge the batteries before your half hour of use? Just the way you worded your statement it sounds like you opened the box and put the drill right to work with the partial charge that all tools are shipped with.

            " I opened it up used both for a half hour to try it and see how it compares."
            "It's a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?" Bob D. 2006





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              For me 12v has always been too weak across all brands, and since I'm in the 18v game I'll always purchase it over starting a new 12v platform. But yes Ridgid has a 90 day satisfaction so if you don't like it, take it back.
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