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  • 3650 Dado Insert

    Does anyone know where I can get a dado insert for my new 3650? I went to and they don't even list a 3650.

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    Hi, and welcome to the forum.

    This topic/gripe has been brought up at least a dozen time in the past few months, and still no word on when or if they will be available from Ridgid. I know you don't know about the previous posts, just letting you know that many others are in the same boat and have the same complaint about accessories that you do.

    Your best bet is to make your own. If you do a search on dado inserts you will find many posts with information on the subject of making your own inserts. I gave up waiting for Ridgid to bring out the AC1040 insert that is listed in the manual as an accessory for the 3650 and made my own from 1/2" plywood.


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      Hey guys I have been able to order the dado insert at the Home Depot. Need to go to the special services desk. The part number is AC1040 and it is for the 3650 saw. Not all HD's are created equal and you may need to educate them but it is available. There is also a sheet for Ridgid accessories I found lying around my HD showing may things. Good luck.


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        I was able to purchase a dado insert which fits both the 3612 (I think) and the 3650. Though, the plate is thinner, I purchased #10-32 x 1/2" set screws and replaced the ones that came with the dado insert. Works great. Just take your throat plate in to Home Depot with you to make sure that it is the same size. You may notice that when you tighten up the screw, which holds down the insert, the back may start to rise. I just rigged up a latch that would slip into the bottom side of the new insert and catch the grove in the table saw. Hope this helps.