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Ridgid R5010 Corded Hammer Drill

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  • Ridgid R5010 Corded Hammer Drill

    I am thinking about buying a new R5010 Hammer Drill at HD and was wondering if anyone else here owns this drill. If so, could you post some feed back: Do you still like it? Do you wish now you had bought another brand (Milwaukee...?) Most importantly, Have you had any problems out of it? Does it have any quirks or annoyances that bother you? Basically, Is it a really good quality drill? Any input, positive or negative, would be greatly appreciated.

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    I've owned this drill for about three or four months now, and I'm still happy with it. However, I would be classified as a light user. I don't use it for a living, and there are only so many holes I want to drill in my basement walls! This is also my first hammer drill, so I have nothing to compare it to. One magazine I read (can't remember which one), listed it as one of the ten best new tools of 2003, so that made me feel good about my purchase. No regrets.



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      This hammerdill is decent and is used for mixing cement or paint....I returned it once because of chuck problems(I think I was too tough with mixing joint compound....(Jacobson chuck)...I make a living with tools and I own a lot of Milwaukee..This tool will match up in quality....The Ridgid brand is fairly good with quality...I've had over 200 hours logged on the 18vlt 4 pack...Caviat-I bought under the life time warranty....I suggest if you spend this money but want to get real vaule..look at and buy a reconditioned Milwaukee for less money...(reconditioned most of time means only a returned product, and yes its covered under their normal 5yr warranty)

      If you have to make a living with the tool...get Milwaukee...If your just an occasional user and your price sensative, I might suggest Hitachi...If you use it three times a year or less than 20 hours Craftsman...

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        Look in the February issue of WorkBench magazine. It rates the HD-hammer drill as one of the top ten tools of 2003. I have owned mine for abount 6 months now and love it. I use mine everyday.