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  • R2720 belt sander

    I was using my belt sander (R2720) and it stopped working. It is like there is no longer any power getting to it. It didnt make any abnormal noise or smell hot but has just stopped working. Any ideas on what to check? This sander has had very little use. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Troy

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    Check the wall outlets circuit breaker, make sure the power cords plug is a tight fit in the power outlet and also check to make sure the power cord hasn't come loose inside the sander.
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      plug something into the same outlet that you know works like a table lamp.
      If the lamp works then your problem is with the tool, either the power cord
      as Dave suggested or internally. If it's new or still covered by the LSA or 3
      year warranty, send it back for repair.
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        Thanks! I already checked to make sure it wasn't the outlet or cord. I will check the internal area and go from there. I am worried it might be the switch. Thanks again, Troy


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          Could the motor brushes be worn?

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