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7 1/4"Cordless Miter Saw Grinding Noise

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  • 7 1/4"Cordless Miter Saw Grinding Noise

    Hi All,

    In the past week I purchased a cordless miter. I really like it except it has a rattle/vibration that comes and goes. It's a resonance of sorts that shows up for a few seconds at a time. It sounds like something is grinding or rubbing -- it did this from day one. If I take blade off noise goes away. I tried two different blades and both the same. Cut line seems okay, no obvious blade wobble (I did not measure though).

    I think the answer is "not normal" but figured I would ask community to see if any owners could confirm from their experience. I already had to return one for no LED and one for a missing set screw on bevel adjustment. In total, one of three ran smoothly, the other two had this intermittent noise thing going on.

    I know there is a warranty, but I I'd rather return to store than deal with warranty down the road if it's not normal...assuming it's going to turn into something much worse. Not to mention noise is pretty annoying!

    Thanks for help!

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    I did a quick cut and measured .007" for what I believe is run out (Cut width) - (blade width) = .007" Seems pretty good assuming I did it right.