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  • Air Compressor Gauge Size

    This is probably a dumb question but here goes anyways. My small pancake compressor has a rear mounted(1/8") 1-1/2" diameter pressure gauge. I'm finding it more difficult these days distinguishing the pressure reading on that small of a gauge. I'm considering putting a 2", 2-1/2" or even a 3" diameter replacement gauge in place of the 1-1/2" diameter. Is this a feasible alternative or is there a reason why the smallish diameter gauge was used in the first place, other than a cost savings for the mfg? One reason for asking this question in the first place was that I couldn't find any 1/8" rear mount pressure gauges larger than 1-1/2" diameter which made me think that maybe there's a reason why?
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    It likely was just a cost thing, the air doesn't care what size the gauge is. Just make sure the range is similar.

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      I agree with Mark, you may need an adapter but it should not be an issue.


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        From my experience and understanding (30 years in technical documentation with one of the largest compressor manufacturers), the physical size of a pressure gauge has no effect on the performance of the compressor. About the only effect would be that a larger gauge would perhaps take slightly more volume to initially pressurize and that would be a rather minute issue. The choice of a pressure gauge by the manufacturer is most likely based on performance, cost, or actual fitting within the design of the unit (asthetics, non-interference of operating mechanism because of size, and general functionality for the operator).

        (Checking back with my Compressed Air and Gas Data I see no indication of specific requirements for pressure gauges based on size or output of an air compressor.)

        I hope this helps,

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