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Anybody else buy the R3210 worm drive and find that there was no oil in gear case

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  • Anybody else buy the R3210 worm drive and find that there was no oil in gear case

    My wife just bought the r3210 worm drive for out anniversary and when i took it out of the box and checked the oil, there was no oil. There is assembly lube of some kind on the gears, but that's it. I had read reviews saying the saw came fully oiled out of the box so that is what i was expecting. Is this normal or should i be concerned. Thanks.

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    I don't have the Ridgid saw but have two other worm drives type circ saws, a Skill HD77 and a Porter Cable 314H. Neither came with oil in the gear box, and both manuals had instruction on adding oil before running the saw. The PC said to run the saw for something like 3 or 4 minutes then check the level again, don't remember for sure its been some time since I got it.


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      thanks for the info, now i just have to find this oil that ridgid recommends


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        Shudda been included with the saw if it wasn't already installed in the gear box.

        I just went and found the manual online and looked at it. Didn't find anything about adding oil or maintaining oil level until page 21 (of 24). Wow, as important as this maintenance item is you would think it would feature more prominently than that in the manual.

        You shudda looked your manual over when you first opened the box. You did get a manual with the tool didn't you? if yes then it is time to RTFM (Read The Fine Manual).

        Anyway, here's what the manual says about the oil level;

        "LUBRICATION - See Figure 21.

        This tool has been properly lubricated and is ready to use. However, it is recommended that the gears be lubricated only with Mobil SHC 636 Oil. Always check the oil level before using this tool, using the dipstick provided.
        - Unplug the tool.
        - Place the base of the saw on a horizontal surface.
        - Remove the oil plug using a 6mm hex wrench.
        - Tip the saw up and let oil drain out into an appropriate oil container.
        - Replace the oil using a small funnel (less than 1/4 in. spout). Take care to let air out while putting new oil in to avoid spilling.
        - Fill only with Mobil SHC 636 Oil. (Available as a replacement part.)
        - Fill the gear case until the oil level is between the two marks on the dipstick. Do not overfill. If the level of oil raises above the second mark on the dipstick while the base is on a level surface, overheating may occur.
        - Replace the oil plug with a 6mm hex wrench. Do not overtighten. The O-ring under the head should be compressed slightly. Overtightening will cause the o-ring to unseat and not seal properly.

        Note: With a new saw, change the oil following the first ten hours of use. This will prolong the life of the tool by removing the gear particles from the oil when the gears are breaking in.

        So I would have to say that the Ridgid differs from the Skill and PC saws and as you said in your original post is supposed to be already oiled. Now as to why yours is not is a matter to take up with Ridgid CS. If it's a recent purchase just take it back and exchange it for another.

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          come to find out is was oiled. the previous worm drives that i used were to be filled up to the point of the oil pouring out of the fill hole where this saw only required .5 oz lubricant. now i am just trying to find this mobil shc 636 oil. no luck as of yet, and home depot was no help. thanks for the replys.


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            i just use mobil 1 5w30 in mine as i change it every 6 months an it does quiet the saw some also
            9/11/01, never forget.


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              You should be able to find the Skill lube at HD or any place the saw is sold. It comes in a tube for about $5