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Dust Control on the 3650

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  • Dust Control on the 3650

    Thanks to everyone on the forum. The information is very useful. For my purposes (and in my price range) the Ridgid 3650 and the Griz 444z would both work. But dust collection is extremely important. (Sometimes I spend more time cleaning up than I do cutting wood). I have a Delta dust collector and I'm trying to determine how effective the new dust shroud is on the 3650. (I don't believe the Griz has a shroud around the blade). How well does the dust collection work on both of these saws?


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    I have my 3650 hooked up to a 2hp DC and it collects almost all of the dust. I still get a little on the table top, of course. If the Griz doesn't have a shroud, you could box it in and connect your DC to that, but I don't think it would be as effective. JMHO.
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      As far as dust collection goes, my Ridgid 3612 is designed more along the lines of the Griz than the 3650. I boxed in my 3612, like Lorax mentioned, and hooked it up to my DC. The end result was very excellent dust control. Right out of the box, the 3650 will give you better dust control but the Griz can also be adapted to do a good job in that area too.
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        Most contractor saws don't have a shroud around the blade, and are fairly poor at DC in their stock form. The Griz comes with a DC tray for the bottom (still won't have great DC) ....if you enclose the back (easy to do in < an hour) then DC becomes quite good on them.

        Even with excellent DC below the blade, all table saws will throw some dust out the front of the blade without an overarm DC of some sort.

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