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Ridgid Battery/Jigsaw Promotion

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  • Ridgid Battery/Jigsaw Promotion

    Has anyone yet receive the cordless jigsaw? I have only receive just the battery for my purchase of 4-pc combo kit (R922) from HD.

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    I purchased the 4 piece kit a couple months ago and just received the jigsaw today, by battery. What gives?


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      I got the battery about a month ago. And called that same day because i did not get the jig saw. The customer service rep that i talked to said that they were backordered on them and would be sending them out as soon they get them in. Well.... mine showed up yesterday !!!
      I would call the number on the rebate form just to make sure that you on the list to get one. I called to make sure mine was coming, and they confirmed it.


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        I turned in my coupon about mid October. Got the battery about a week later but the Jigsaw took a little longer in seperate package. The Jigsaw actually arrived a couple of days ago. The fine print on the coupon do states 10-12 weeks so you must give it some time.



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          I sent my coupon for the jigsaw/battery in on 12/27. I certainly hope they have fixed some of the delay problems they seem to have been having. The promotion has been extended through January 2005 as well according to the phone rep and the coupon itself!


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            I sent my coupon for the battery/jigsaw on Dec 27, 2004 also. Maybe they will come fairly soon, but with the Home Depot 20% off sale right before Christmas I bet they have a lot to process.


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              does anyone know if there is a website that we can go on to find out the status of our rebates?