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  • TS3650 - Why not?

    Hey all-

    New here. I was directed here by someone on the Breaktime board. Here was my original post there:

    I'm just about to apply the finishing touches to the inside of a new garage/workshop. I've now got space for a larger/more permanent table saw (not to mention the boatload of other tools I'll need to buy) and have been checking out contractor saws. I've had my Bosch 4000 jobsite saw for 2-3 years now, but would like to get into making some furniture - I guess I need a slightly larger saw with a higher grade of precision. A cabinet saw is out of the question ($$$).

    From perusing discussion boards and looking at reviews, I can't see any reason not to buy the Ridgid saw. I spent a good half-hour in HD the other day trying to practically break the thing (don't ever buy the floor model if I've been there first) and it seems solid. It's several hundred less than comparable saws and the fence seems great - I couldn't get it to move (I stopped short of grabbing a hammer) - and has t-slots everywhere for attachments. Anyone have experience with the Ridgid - positive or negative? How tough is it to align the fence/blade/miter slot? Any qualms with the tilt crank/lock? And what's the latest with some of the arbor issues with stack dado sets?

    Many thanks,


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    It is a very good saw, I have one, no arbor problems, leg flexing, the saw is very stable, one thing i did do is change the voltage to 220
    Just my opinion


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      Hey JK!!

      You should read this before your decision. It is a nice post about TS.




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        Dear RIDGID Customers:

        RIDGID is aware of the concerns of some owners of the TS3650 table saw regarding the application of a stacked dado blade set on the arbor shaft. It has been brought to our attention that a blade or chipper from a stacked dado blade set has the potential of resting in the low cut area near the inner flange. This low area may allow the chipper or blade to ride in the recessed area allowing one blade to cut slightly deeper than the other blade or chippers. In an effort to resolve this issue we are working with our engineering and manufacturing teams towards a quick resolution. Although this is not a safety related issue, we expect to have a resolution in a short amount of time that will be posted on our website.


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          I recently assembled my TS3650, purchased on 10/19, after rearranging and rewiring my crowded shop to make room for it. Up to now I've done all my major sawdust making using my 1970's vintage Craftsman radial arm saw, risking life and limb to make rip cuts and becoming more and more frustrated trying to do accurate work.

          The TS3650 went together easier than most "some assembly required" products and set up smoothly. The manual is quite good (see exceptions below). I haven't experienced any problem with stability of the legs, have been very pleased with the function of the fence, love the Herc-U-Lift system (a must in my crowded shop) and am overjoyed with the little bit of work done so far especially when I think about how I would have approached ripping 12/4 cherry and resawing 6/4 x 3 1/2" boards on the RAS.

          Issues: 1. Who makes inch threaded bolts with metric heads? Worse, who uses them? Bizarre! 2. Some relatively minor but confusing errors in the instructions. 3. No zero clearance or dado insert included. 4. Repair parts section is listed in the Table of Contents but does not appear in the manual (neither the printed manual that came with the saw nor the on-line available pdf file). I finally found the "repair sheet" on-line but can't remember where. 5. Warranty - "To obtain service for this RIDGIDrtool you must return it, Freight prepaid,....." You've got to be kidding. Ship a table saw to a repair center?

          Tonight I read about the arbor/dado problem. What a kick in the a.. Clean, accurate dados is a key function I was expecting to accomplish easily on a table saw. If Ridgid is to be considered to be a responsible company, a foolproof, owner installed fix is needed and it's needed now.

          Overall I think the TS3650 is a great product but the arbor problem is unacceptable.


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            I am considering purchasing the TS3650 Rigid table saw. But can not find out the size motor on the display. Can some one help with that information and any other information you think would be helpful. Thanks


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              Originally posted by FrankF:
              I am considering purchasing the TS3650 Rigid table saw. But can not find out the size motor on the display. Can some one help with that information and any other information you think would be helpful. Thanks
              Hi Frank - As far as I know the 3650 is a 13 amp motor rated to produce 1-1/2hp. I think in light of recently publicized issues concerning the arbor, you ought to read one of two of these threads: