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    I have the 4piece 18volt combo. I'm fairly happy with the performance. The kit has been used far harder than any hobbiest or do it yourselfer. I have kits from all the other major competitors. I remodel, manage people and tools by color. I have four people with four different kits. It keeps people responsible. Or so I think.

    Let me get to the point. Has any one elso noticed the people who have complained about quality or performance Do NOT own any Ridgid tools!?

    Do you think they represent competitors that are not happy that Ridgid got into this very competitive market?!

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    I have had the 3-piece 18V combo for about 7 months and the tools have worked great. I have read many posts stating lack of quality and reliability. I can only speak from my experience, and SO FAR - SO GOOD.



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      As mentioned before on this site...people that are unhappy will tell the world and the people that are happy will not tell a soul. Not to mention if you compare the # of bad post compared to number of tools is probaly not that bad...and I know that every person has personal read on this site people love and hate every tool by Ridgid and Every other brand. It just so that people that hate talk more and louder


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        As I've stated before, I have no way of knowing for certain but I think an awful lot of the people that complain have never read the manual. If they haven't read the instructions, there's a good chance that in one way or another they are improperly operating the tool/tv/stereo/car/blender/iron/etc/etc........ I've also noticed that a large percentage of the nay sayers are also one time only posters. Kinda makes me wonder how legitimate they really are.
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          The only Ridgid cordless that I have is the 18V 3/8 drill. It is by far the best cordless tool that I have ever owned. Power for the toughest jobs and batteries that just wont run down. I have several Ridgid stationary tools in my shop and recently bought their jig saw. They are all awsome tools. MHO
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