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  • Ridged r4331 noise

    Hey guys,
    I'm new to the ridgid forum and wanted to ask a question about my r4331 planer. I bought it at a flea market, and it is airplane engine loud, and has a pretty serious vibration with it. I've replaced the blades on it, and wondered if this is normal for the planer. I'm new to woodworking, and any help is much appreciated.

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    first I do not have a R4331 planer, but I do have a Belsaw, If I am planing more than just a few feet I always wear hearing protection, so yes it loud, and I have some vibration when starting and shutting down, and my H&W is loud as well, (not as wide as the Belsaw, so it is not as loud, little vibration on the W&H unit, but I can not say your is normal operation, or that it is OK or not,

    may be look up some U tube videos (guessing some one has posted some thing), and see if the operation of it is similar to the one you have,
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