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Good deal on TS2424 table saw?

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  • Good deal on TS2424 table saw?

    i have the opportunity to buy a TS2424 table saw that has some motor issues for $100. The table is in good shape but the person selling it says that it won't start. I am pretty good at fixing things that don't work but I just wasn't sure if this was a good deal or not. Just looking for some other opinions. Thanks.

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    I picked up the same table for $175 years ago, and its great! Worst case scenario, price a motor. By pass the switch to try and get the motor to start, first spin it by hand to see if its seized up. Let us know, good luck


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      If it's just a capacitor issue then that would be a fairly inexpensive fix. $100 is a fairly good price so if you can get it running for not a whole lot of $$$ then I'd grab it before someone else does.
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        If all the piece parts are there and the fence and other parts of the saw are in good condition
        I wouldn't even worry about the motor I'd grab it if I was in the market for a TS. For another
        $100 or so you can get a good motor and with some TLC you will have a very good Table Saw.

        But replacing a missing blade guard (if you don't use them I guess it doesn't matter) or misbehaving
        fence then finding parts could be a problem. Did the Herc-u-lift come standard lie it did on the TS-3650?
        If it has the Herc-u-lift that's a big plus if you need to move the saw.
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