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My DIY Track Saw Clamps

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  • My DIY Track Saw Clamps

    I have a DeWalt track saw and rails. I've had it for about 5 years now I guess. It's a great tool for breaking down sheet goods and other tasks.

    When I bought the saw I did not get the special clamps that are made to secure the track to the work. The whole idea behind this style saw is that gravity is supposed to do the job of keeping the track in place while you cut. BUT, every track saw manufacturer makes clamps that can be used to secure the track to the work. So after making my first couple cuts and reading the manual carefully I found where in the manual it recommends that you always clamp the track whenever possible. So I called DeWalt and I said if you are requiring people to use the clamps because it can be unsafe not to why don't you provide them with the saw. Long story short they sent me two clamps gratis just to shut me up I guess.

    But about a year ago I grew tired of using their huge clamps which work very well but don't fit in the case with the saw and the bag for the rails has no provision for storing the clamps either. So, while in HD one day I spied some DeWalt quick clamps and I made a pair of smaller track clamps which do fit in the case with the saw and have a 5-1/2" capacity so more than enough for most jobs. I wrote this all up and posted it on the Festool Owners Group forum, you can see it here along with the half dozen photos of the clamp under construction.

    If you have trouble viewing the post let me know and I'll copy it all over here but its kinda long winded as you know I can be. :-)
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    Not fair Bob. The festoll forum allows you to properly post photos.

    Maybe Ridgid can learn from their IT dept.

    But then again probably not

    phoebe it is


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      Yeah, it's nice the way you can click on a thumbnail and it expands then click again and it shrinks back down.
      But all-in-all I think the way that images are displayed here is better than most forums. vBulletin is one of the
      most user friendly forum software packages I have used.