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TP13000 Feed Rollers

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  • TP13000 Feed Rollers

    What's the best way to get the feed rollers on my TP13000 planer replaced? The planer is about 4 years old and has problems pulling lumber through. Can I get the parts and replace them myself or do I have to take the planer to a repair center? Thanks,

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    before you replace them try cleaning them with alcohol. I did this to my old delta and it works great. You could even try a rubber resoring compond. Another thing that helps is a coat of Bostic Top Coat on the table


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      wa4bhk- Are you working in an unheated garage or other cold environment? You'll get less grip when the rollers are cold. I agree with the alcohol tip- I've used alcohol to clean rubber-like rollers in photographic applications. You might want to follow-up the alcohol with a clean damp cloth to remove any residue.