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R4512 fence is shoddy and flawed.

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  • R4512 fence is shoddy and flawed.

    If you Google "R4512 fence upgrade", you will see tons of posts about people realizing how flawed/shoddy the R4512 table saw fence is. After using this saw for a year, I'm giving up and ordering a Delta T3 fence upgrade. Why on earth is Ridgid selling this product with such a shoddy fence?

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    Because people aren't willing to pay more for a saw at this quality level if it had a better fence and rail system. Ever since 2003, when TTI became involved with the RIDGID Trademark, the quality level of every single new model of table saw they have introduced has been of lesser quality than its predecessor. I own a 2003 Emerson made TS3612 and am very happy with it but there is no way I would buy one of the current RIDGID table saws.
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    • Bob D.
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      My 3650 was pretty good but I think that was the first or second TS that TTI made under the RIDGID label.

      When I decided to upgrade I went to a Delta Unisaw.

    • BadgerDave
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      You're correct Bob, the 3650 was the first of the TTI introduced table saws. If memory serves me, it would have ranked right there with the 3612 except it had a made in China motor. Kind of a small point but just saying. I actually liked the wings on the 3650 better than the ones on my 3612.

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    It is a safety flaw. A fence that locks down crooked can cause dangerous kickback.

    Ridgid has no cost-saving excuse.


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      Might have been I don't remember even though I had the saw for 7 years. I kinda wished I had hung on to it and put it in my basement shop which I am building up with some of my duplicate tools.

      But I have limited power available in the basement so that is going to be my "Cordless Workshop". It will be where I work on stuff during the winter when its too cold to heat the garage shop with the heat pump which is only good down to 38?F, and we get many winter days below that every year. I should have bought a bigger heat pump with the cold weather package but there too I am limited on how much power I can draw in the garage which is fed from a 50A breaker in the main panel. To run the heat pump, overhead lights, the 3HP table saw, and 2HP dust collector would be getting close to the limit of that breaker. Increasing the capacity would not be easy since its a detached garage and the feed is underground so upsizing not so simple.
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        Originally posted by ppg677 View Post
        Why on earth is Ridgid selling this product with such a shoddy fence?
        Because the American consumer demands cheap.
        You can have cheap. Or you can have good. You made your choice.
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