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  • Rigid 6" ROS

    I recieved a 6" Rigid ROS for Christmas, Yipee!!!
    This will replace or at least be the top dog over my 1o plus year old Ryobi 4 1/2" ROS. By the way that still works great. The problem I have is that the 3 HDs that are in my area do not carry 6" Discs with hook and loop and the vacuum holes. What is this all about? They have been selling these tools for months and still do not have discs. I can buy them online but in a pinch I have no place to get them. I have tried Sears, Lowes and Ace, no luck. Anyone else have this problem? Where do you buy your sanding products online in bulk? The sander is GREAT but the availability of the discs sux.

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    I have seen them locally in chicago at a couple places, but unfortunately I odn't remember exactly where. We do have woodcraft and rockler, maybe it was there if it wasn't at lowes. Check woodworking stores. I remember, it was at MENARDS. DOUGH.

    I can't quite firuge out why HD has not yet figured out how profitable it can be to carry tool accessories yet. Expecially for TOOLS THEY CARRY.. DOUGH!!!!!!!!!
    Good luck


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      I suspect some Home Depots didn't get the automatic rollout of 6" discs, which I received before I got the Ridgid sander they work with. Have your local stores look into their computer systems - the discs are a standard Norton-branded product which ought to be in there.


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        Don't get too excited about the availability of discs from HD. They only carry 4 grits anyway.
        Here are the product codes if it helps
        60 grit 076607491749
        100 grit 076607491732
        150 grit 076607491725
        220 grit 076607491718
        I find Klingspor to be the best for price and finish, you can order from their website
        I also have the 4.5" sears version of the Ryobi that I bought in 1990 and it worked great til I dropped it and bent the sanding pad, easily replaced but also a good excuse to buy a new ROS!
        I have to say this new Ridgid 6" is amazing. It created a glass finish on cherry in about 1/5 the time it took with the 4.5". The dual orbit feature is great for quick stock removal then fine finishing and its quiet to boot.


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          Found some to get me by at yet anoter Home Depot in My area, then ordered various grits from



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            Anybody read WOOD magazine. They gave a nice review of the Ridgid ROS in their latest issue. They liked it.



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              Yea the 5" model.....I got "Wood" Saturday!!