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    First let me say hi as I am new to here. I have been reading the boards for the last few days and have gotten some great tips. Let me give you just a little history. I own a MS1250, a TP1300, and a TS6350. My next door neighbor loves them all and really likes the Herc U lift that came with the TS6350 and the one I purchased for the TP1300 for $49.00. He has an older Delta saw that really needed a lift. I decided to buy him a Herc U lift Plus for Christmas. I just returned from HD with 2 of them they are selling them for $29.00 now my MS1250 will have one too. One last thank you for a great board. Thanks to you I do know the arbor one my TS6350 is good to go.
    SSG, U.S. Army
    K.I.S.S., R.T.F.M.