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  • Home Depot Receipt

    Went to Kinko's copy store to have my receipt laminated for the life time warranty. They said
    it was heat sensitive and would turn black. So
    had a copy made and had it laminated. (The guy cut part of the HD receipt off and ran it through
    the laminater and it did turn black)

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    I thought about that as well, due to the fact that these types of receipts print rarely makes it over a year and then fades away. If the "original" receipt, as opposed to a copy of the original, is indeed required, we won't even have a three year warranty, much less a lifetime one.


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      Maybe we can get a reply from Ridgid on this?

      [ 11-11-2003, 08:53 PM: Message edited by: DonHof ]


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        i scanned my receipt to my computer
        and then burned a copy to cd


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          I wouldn't sweat the receipt thing.

          Assume you get a new replacement tool in 3 years. Two points to consider :

          1. Will the replacement tool have a lifetime warranty or is that the end of the road? (not bought/replaced between Sep-Dec 2003). I would guess this is a one replacement warranty.

          2. Does anybody REALLY believe that the drill I just bought now (I'm 35 years old) will still be under warranty when I retire in 30 YEARS? Even if Ridgid/HD is still around, I don't think so...

          Since no reasonable person could expect point 2 to hold true, it would be nice if Ridgid was a little more clear on the warranty.


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            Yes I do expect If Ridgid is around in 50 years they will replace the cordless drill my 7yr old just bought and I also believe Ridgid plans on doing it that way. It is also my understanding it is NOT a 1 time replacement policy. That is also why its for a short time. The marketing budget is taking the warrenty cost hit but hopefully lots of customer who like the tools cause thats the most effective advertising you can do.