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Can the BS1400 cut metal

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  • Can the BS1400 cut metal

    I'm a little new to bandsaws but I was under the assumption that bandsaws were designed to cut metal and wood. However, when I read through the manual of the BS1400 it said that I should never cut metal with it. Then I'm at home depot today and I see 14 and 24 tooth metal cutting bands with the ridgid brand name on them. Now these bands were 60 something inch rather than the 93" that the BS1400 takes but isn't the BS1400 the only bandsaw that Ridgid makes? So my question... can I use the BS1400 for cutting metal? If not what other makes models of bandsaw should I be looking at?

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    Thats the million dollar question these days, can it cut metal,in short it doesn't seem to be recommended and or suggested. I wonder if those blades you saw could have been for a porta-band or bench top sized saw. Sorry I can't recommend a saw to use for cutting the metal Just give it a few, I'm sure someone will be able to offer a idea. Hope this might have helped.


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      14" Bands Saws found in the woodworking stores, Ridgid, Delta etc, are to fast for metal. Years ago you could buy speed reducers for band saws. Now a days you need to buy a metal cutting band saw if that is what you wish to cut. You could get away with limited cutting of non-ferrous metals but that's about it. Cutting metal and having your dust collection system hooked up to your band saw could cause a fire. Sparks drawn into the fine wood dust is not a good idea. Ridgid I'm sure like most other tools makers don't make the blades. The vendor for the blades most likely uses the Ridgid name because Home depot wants the brand identity. There are some table top models that have speed control and those blades may be for them.