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  • RIDGID battery promotion

    Went to HD to purchase a new cordless drill for hurricane repairs. The associate convinced me to buy a very nice RIDGID R83001, 14.4V model, as opposed to the similar DeWalt ($20 more). The final convincing was the coupon that the associate produced from a tablet that provided a free extra battery or flashlight (about $42), a good deal. The problem arose when I got home and filled out the form. The fine print on the lower backside, that required glasses to read said that the coupon had to be postmarked by 9/22/04. My purchase was made on 10/1/04. I feel the associate and department manager should have been aware of this, and not misrepresented the promotion. I feel I was taken advantage of and ripped off. This isn't a RIDGID problem, but at HD problem. Be careful, shoppers, the fine print can sour any good feelings you have about a new tool purchase.

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    That sucks. I'd be pissed too. I bet if you complain to the store mgr. you'll at least get an in store credit for a future purchase. They should have removed the promo material when it expired. Definately a store issue.


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      I know its no consolation to you but this isn't the first time HD has pulled this kind of crap. My guess is it won't be the last either.
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