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  • bs1400 bandsaw

    Purchased new bandsaw this weekend and it has a lot of shaking in it. I adjusted the belt tension but didn't help. I took the belt off and turned the wheels by hand and I see the blade guides moving up and down. Seems like something is out of balance. Has anyone seen this in this model and can it be fixed?

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    do a search under my name and bandsaw. Read up on the problems I've had with my band saw, warranty and customer support. You may change your mind on keeping it. But that decission would be yours to make.
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      I wouldn't wish the latest problems Woody has had with his BS on anyone but in all fairness, don't just go by his experience. By all means do a search on the bandsaw but don't limit yourself to just posts by hime. There are plenty of folks out there that have nothing but praise for their RIDGID BS.
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        Check the upper and lower wheels for balance. This bandsaw is notorious in having unbalance wheels.


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          Hi Tech,

          I have a BS1400 and it did require some calibrating to get running smoothly. This is just some advise, so please take what you want to help out, and keep a journal for future reference when working on your Saw.

          First, go purchase the "Band Saw Book" published by Taunton Press and read it cover to cover twice.

          On to your saw....

          Make sure all of your bolts, nuts, and screws are torqued down well.

          You will want the drive belt to be a little looser than the owners manual describes. On the Rigid Bandsaw, I have found that a belt that is too tight will cause some vibration. Next, make sure your pulleys are inline with each other. When I received my BS1400 the pulley's were near the end of their shafts. I moved them inwards (closer) along the shafts.

          A quick not about the belt, you may find that the "link" belts will reduce a small amount of vibration, but on Bandsaws, the motor is usually not the largest contributor to excessive vibration on the tool.

          After you get the drive system set up to your satisfaction move on to the wheels.

          With the saw blade removed, check to see if you have any play of the wheels moving along (with) the shaft. Does it have any slop, lateral movement, are the bearings well seated? If there is play, try and mic' it and keep this data for any questions you have for the customer service guys. Finally, take some time and look for defects in the wheels. Are they round?, true?, balanced?, etc...

          Next, establish if the upper and lower wheels are in line with each other. You may find that they are not; and if so, then this should be remedied.

          Now on to the blade, throw away the trash blade that comes with the saw and go buy a high quality replacement. Suffolk Machinery make great blades.

          Put the blade on and set the tracking. Next, with the upper guide fully extended (closest to the table) set your tolerances for the bearing and blocks. Now retract the upper guide (furthest from the table) and check to see if the guide is still properly set. If not, your upper guide is not moving parallel to the blade. This will have to be remedied or you will end up in a nightmarish hell that will ruin your fun working with a Bandsaw.

          Next set the lower guides properly with the blocks and bearing properly calibrated.

          Once you have done this you can eliminate any mechanical error from your machine. Typically, you will reduce most vibrations by going through and inspecting & calibrating all of the parts and assemblages. Any remaining vibration may be natural or you may have a more serious problem.

          Other methods to employ would be to strengthen the stand, adding weight to the base, or take the saw to a professional machine shop to have the machine properly inspected and serviced.

          Have fun and good luck. Let me know how things turn out.



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            I went to woodcraft and purchased a link belt and installed it. I took about 90% of the vibration out of it. The funnt thing is that it sat overnight and the saw was even better the next morning. I guess the belt settled in. I checked the wheel balance before I bought the link belt and it seemed to be fine. I was thinking about replacing the blade that came with it because if it's as cheap as the drive belt that came with it that a good blade would make things even better. I've got the saw now to where I am satisfied with it and don't have to return it.

            Again thanks for your help!


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              thanks for the post. I have not yet used one of those link belts. Have thought about it for my bandsaw b/c of minor vibration. It gets used alot sometimes and sits for periods sometimes. I think I'll have to invest in one of these link belts too. How much did it cost ya?



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                The belts run anywhere from 5.99-6.99 a package and I needed 4 packages.


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                  Just out of curiosity, did you buy the old style emerson BS1400, or the new orange BS1400. I bought the new style but haven't put it together yet.


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                    I just bought a new Ridgid BS and have the same problems. My first thought was to replace the belt. Unfortunately, the woodcraft in my town is sold out of linkbelt right now. I'm pretty sure its a belt issue because I can vary the amount of vibration by changing the allignment of the pulley wheels and by changing the amount of belt tension. I can't get rid of it, however.

                    Anyway, if it doesn't fix it, I'll be back to let you guys know.


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                      I got the old style and it was hard to find at 20% off. The jointer I bought at the same time happened to be the new orange style.


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                        My BS1401 runs smoothly, no vibration. Got it so I can cut fairly straight with the mitre guage too.
                        Just wish Ridgid would design a better motor mount
                        and retro it for 2 speed for non ferous metal cutting.