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First probeblem w/ lifetime war.

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  • First probeblem w/ lifetime war.

    Hey Folks,
    Well I just ran into the first probeblem with the life time warrenty. I went onto the registration sight and tried to register some older tools (within the year}. The info i'v seen so far says you have untill August 12, 05 to register older tools. They ask you to fill out the form and then "mail" in the "original" UPC lable and a copy of the reciept.
    I threw away that box within a couple of weeks of the purchase. I dont have room to store every box from every tool i'v bought. My whole shop would be box storage.

    So if any of you Ridgid Folks are reading this, I guess you figured out how to get out of covering older products. Including my CMS & Recip saw & ROS & even my 7 month old cordless drill,,,,,,,,,, With BATTERIES, wow what a coincidence. I guess the 3 year warrent will have to do.

    Oh, and you can bet i'll be needing batteries,,,,, about a week befor my warrenty is up.

    Signed, Not too Happy With the "Free Limited Lifetime Service Agreement"

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    I know I've read the very same thing and I thought the last I heard was that the UPC code on the box was not a must for the older purchases. I would call into Ridgid, or if you would like a number of the guy I talked to E-mail me and I'll send it to you.


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      Check out the thread from last week that announced the new warranty program. The Search feature should find this very easily for you. I believe this issue was addressed in that thread. IIRC, the UPC code from the original carton will not be required for purchases prior to a certain date.
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        I e-mailed the original post to CS for comment. This is part of the response I got from Tom C., Ridgid CS.

        "Receipts mailed in without the UPC label will be honored for the warranty offer."
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          I actually called customer service last week after I read the part about the product code requirement. The rep said that the UPC is NOT a requirement on prior purchases and that they understood the problem that most folks will not keep the carton very long.

          I posted that "answer" last week on the original forum.

          It seems that whenever something like this comes up, some "alarms" will be posted rather quickly. It only takes a phone call to either alleviate or confirm our concerns. Thankfully, Ridgid has had the foresight to have an answer ready.

          Kindests regards to all,



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            Well thats really good to hear. Ridgid has always been good to me and its good to hear this is something they thought of for us.

            Thanks for the replies and info. I'm going to go ahead with my registrations.