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  • more Table Saw Insert Questions

    On the Ridgid Accessories page ... ... it states that AC1030 & AC1035 are the correct Dado & Zero Clearance Inserts for a TS2400. While my Accessories book (SP6418-1) that came with my saw states that AC1040 & AC1045 are the correct inserts.

    Found a web site that lists the prices for all of these ... ...

    AC1030 ... $15.97
    AC1035 ... $10.24
    AC1040 ... $31.80
    AC1045 ... $33.00

    What is the difference between these ... other than the obvious cost ??

    Thank You,


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    I believe that the AC1030 and AC1035 fit Emerson made saws(grey) and the AC1040 and AC1045 fit the TTI/OWT made saws (orange).

    EDIT: If you're not into making your own inserts, check the other current thread on inserts for places you can buy AC1040 & AC1045 knockoffs for much less than what RIDGID Parts gets.

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      The online parts breakdown for the Grey Saw (Emerson made, model # TS24000) lists the same standard insert (item #57, 509492) as my Orange Saw (TS2400-1) parts breakdown does. This tells me that all these inserts "should" interchange.

      However, the "main table" (item #53) that the insert fits into is different ... 827546 vs. 830376. This could well be just the difference in color. The Emerson table top appears to be dark grey, where mine is silver.

      I have been participating in the other thread, so I have checked out the various vendors and added some myself.

      Thanks !!