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  • Detailed description of the limited warranty

    I was just hung up on by “customer service” as I kept asking for a detailed written copy of the Life Time Warranty. I told the customer Service lady that I was concerned about the batteries, and that they were not listed in the warranty. She kept insisting that they were, but I was only asking for that in writing. I guess I asked one too many times. Do you have a detailed (read batteries) written copy of the warranty? ….please don’t hang up on me, as I may take it personal this time [img]smile.gif[/img] .

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    The way that the warranty is worded is as follows:

    This warranty covers all defects in workmanship or materials and normal wear items in
    this RIDGID tool for the lifetime of the tool. This warranty is specific to this tool
    purchased between 9/1/03 and 12/31/03. Warranties for other RIDGID products may

    A battery is a normal wear item. It has a usable life and will wear out over time. I cannot give you a revised written warranty because to be honest it is not needed with what is already published and printed. If you want specific listings of what is covered, I might offer that you see the displays at your local Home Depot. The reason I point you there is that some of the RIDGID end caps are wearing signage that reads as follows:

    Limited Lifetime Service Warranty*
    On all RIDGID handheld
    and stationary power tools
    purchased between
    September 1 – December 31, 2003.

    Includes free service on normal wear items like
    batteries, brushes, motors, gears and switches.

    Bring your tool with original purchase receipt
    to your local Authorized Service Center for RIDGID Power Tools.

    Blades, Bits, Sanding Paper
    And other Consumable Accessories.
    Also excludes misuse and abuse of tool.

    *for details go to or call

    All RIDGID handheld and stationary power tools normally include
    90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee* and
    a best in class 3 year warranty* covering manufacturer’s defects!!

    Unfortunatly, the closest thing you may have from RIDGID that spells out what is covered in a formal way is the warranty as posted on the web site.

    Lifetime Service Promotion


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      Thanks! That's all I need to feel we've got all the bases covered. Next stop HD.


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        If I may, let's deal with wording, since lawyers have reviewed the final wording in the marketing literature.

        "Includes free service on normal wear items like batteries". The statment is free service not free replacement. Why does the literature not say free replacement? My only guess is that Emerson reserves the right to service the battery first and replace if necessary. But the wording should state this. May other Warrantees state this.