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  • Cordless Circular Saw

    It appears, so far at least, that the cordless circular saw is only sold in the combo kits, and not as a stand-alone product. Is this indeed the case?

    I've been thinking in terms of a cordless circular saw for a while now. When I saw that the new Ridgid cordless line includes one, I decided not to do anything about one until the new tools emerged. Unfortunately, the only examples of the saw I've seen so far have been ty-rapped to a board overhead or tethered to a pegboard with a 6" wire. Has anyone actually used the cordless circular saw? How is it?

    In other commentary, how about a cordless combo kit aimed at woodworkers? Keep the flashlight and the bag, and substitute the non-hammerdrill version of the drill.

    Now, if Ridgid were to add a cordless jigsaw to the line, you could make a really good combo by adding that in. Us woodworkers really like good cordless saws (hint, hint)


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    Some thoughts on cordless circular saws:

    Yes, they are generally in combo kits. You can find a couple sold as standalones, but they are very expensive (compared to the price of the combo kit).

    For my money, the earlier ones, which were all 5" or 5-1/2" (trim saws) are more useful than the ones you see lately, which are all 6" or larger in blade diameter. If I need a full size saw, then I'll get out one of my corded ones. The cordless is for those odd cuts in odd places, where the small size and low weight of the trim saw is just what the doctor ordered.

    Some time ago I put a log of mileage on the 5" Dewalt, which was part of my pal's combo kit, and the saw was a real workhorse. If I could buy it standalone for less than $200-ish, I'd think about it.

    Be sure to have at least 2 batteries (3 is better). For some reason, the few standalones I've seen only come with one battery, and that battery is guaranteed to die just when you need it and don't have time for a re-charge.


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      I just bought the big combo kit today, I played with the saw a little bit tonight... I LIKE IT!!! I will check back and let you know what I think of it and the rest after I use them a little. ( don't tell my wife... but I bought a Ridgid planer, bandsaw, and osc spindle/drum sander today too. My credit card is smoking, but I was like a little kid at Christmas in the shop tonight [img]smile.gif[/img]

      Will check back,
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        Well, I used the combo pack a little, and I am VERY PLEASED! Everything seems to have plenty of power, and is well balanced. I used the saw to cut some plywood, MDF and a 2x4, it was fine.

        I give the kit two thumbs up!
        Some people\'s lack of a sense of humor ruins life for the rest of us.


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          Why isn't there a "combo pak" that has a non-hammer drill? I don't want to lug around the extra weight when I really never need a hammer feature. The lighter 18v regular (not X2) drill is my preference.

          The cordless saw would be handy when power is just N/A nearby, and I'd prefer to use same battery for both saw & drill.

          Yet it seems I cannot buy the saw separately (at my HD). It comes only with a flashlight I don't want, and a hammer drill I don't want. Awk! Why is that?

          BTW, how many lengths of 8' sheathing can the Ridgid saw cut on 1 battery? The DeWalt does 6.


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            Dan Case

            I've personally owned the 18V DeWalt cordless drill, and 5" circular saw kit and loved it!! Right up until I sold it to get my 18V 4 pc. combo RIDGID. I got the time to use my saw over the weekend, and I LOVE IT! All the tools work awesome. I haven't actually drilled any concrete yet with the hammer drill, but I've still got projects that I gotta get done yet. Will report about them later.

            Be patient concerning the lone purchase of the saw. I'm sure that all the tools will be available after the beginning of the year.
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              I don't own a Ridgid combo kit, but I do own a Porter Cable 19.2 combo kit. The reason I bought it was the price. It was a display model at Lowe's and I paid $85.00 for it because it had no manuals and no batteries. I called PC and they shipped me the manuals and 2 batteries for free and then I bought one on ebay for $26.00 and then Lowe's found 3 more and gave them to me. The circular saw is a 6" and I have used it a lot where there wasn't any electricity. And the verticle Tiger Saw is GREAT!!!


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                Well, I have had a couple of weeks to play with the set, and have used it quite a bit. I only have one complaint. The sawzall seems a little under powered. I am used to my Makita corded, and in comparison, it just doesn't have enough "snuff". The drill is great, and the saw is ok, a little underpowed too, but not like the sawzall. And what can you say about a flashlight? [img]tongue.gif[/img] I can say that the battery charger is second to none! And the batteries seem to have a pretty good cycle time.
                Some people\'s lack of a sense of humor ruins life for the rest of us.


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                  RGAD re 5" versus 6" saw - if you ever have to cut a piece of 4x4 or cut any 2bys at anything other than 90 degree, you will wish you have one. I stop using my 5" dewault because of that. It was the only saw available at the time.
                  Switched to a 24v bosch. Now, trying out the new 18V X2. Seems O.K. for now.

                  Will try anything at least once!!!!!


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                    Hey just saw today that DeWalt has a combo kit with a drill that is not a hammer drill. the kit is 399 with a Compact drill that has a 1/2" chuck. I have not seen that before so dont know if it is new or not but if you dont want a hammer drill that is a good way to go!