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My 18V flashlight

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  • My 18V flashlight

    Took a fall from 9 feet to concrete.

    Put in the new bulb and it works great. No battery problems.

    I fell from the same height once and didn't do as well.

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    Yah mine fell from about 6 ft to concrete took a small scape of plastic off but the flashlight works great. I use the flashlight more than anything else. Mine does last more than about 20 mins before the battery dies though it used to last hours. Going to charge the batteries and see how long it will last.

    Short reviews on what I own
    6" ROS (awesome)
    5" ROS (great)
    Corded circular saw (Bad-a$$ one of my favorites)
    9 amp grinder (awesome)
    18 volt X2 (awesome performance can always smell motor though when I use it no probs since october though)