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Ridgid Planer R4331 Gouging/Marring

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  • Ridgid Planer R4331 Gouging/Marring

    Just recently purchased a new Ridgid R4331 planer and I am noticing that when the board comes out it has a gouge in the wood. There is usually a 1/4" width one and a smaller on that consistently occur on the board.

    I looked up a couple of recommendations on why this was occurring:
    - Defect in planer knives: I have checked over and rotated the knives, problem still occurring
    - set screw or other sticking out that is impacting the wood: no visible screws or other items that could nick the surface
    - debris on rollers: cleaned rollers multiple times

    I'm fresh out of ideas as to why this could be happening but it is quite frustrating considering this is a brand new unit.

    Hoping there may be some additional insight from the members on this forum.

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    Pictures would be a big help with this.


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      Read your manual where they discuss adjustments and "snipe"
      Also a photo of the board would aid in arm chair troubleshooting

      Cactus Man


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        Check your bearings


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          I'll snap a couple of pictures this evening and post up.