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New Brushless Impact Wrench?

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  • New Brushless Impact Wrench?

    I seemed to stumble across a new Gen5x Impact Wrench. I can't find any information about it on Ridgid's website. It seems to have more torque than the x4 version at 400 ft lbs. The link on Home Depot's website is below.

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    RIDGID presents the GEN5X brushless 18-Volt 4-Mode compact impact wrench. This compact and lightweight cordless tool delivers 400 ft. / lbs. of torque to power through the most demanding applications.


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      I have read about that not to long ago. I am glad to see they have increased the torque a little bit, However its not enough for me to buy one over my x4 model. Still waiting on a 700+ftlb one then I will buy a second impact.


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        See the link
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            We talked about the Gen5x 1/2" impact a little here:

            But as far as I know nobody has posted anything more about it. Well after I got tired of dealing with my corded impact I kept watching Home Depot and last week they finally offered the Gen5x impact for home delivery. Home Depot's website is wrong with the specs, the Owner's Manual states max torque is 450ft. lbs vs HD's 400 ft.lbs. The impact feels a lot like the Gen5x brushless hammer drill I have, except slightly larger and the impact weights a little more. The reverse/forward switch is on the weak side, I would rather have more solid clicks. LED lights are bright and the three cooling fan vents are larger than I expected. The trigger has a lighter pull to it than I'd like but nothing I cannot get used to. I noticed the Hex Grip is darker than my other Ridgid tools as well, seems to be softer and grips better too. Where the battery attaches is black now instead of orange.

            I tried the impact only on a lug torqued to 100 ft. lbs and it took it off quickly. Not as fast as other impacts I've used but those also have 3x the power. I might put it through it's paces this weekend swapping springs on my car. The DeWalt I have became so hot you couldn't touch anything metal lol.
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            • Joshua Burgess
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              So the question is, is it worth the money?

            • Bubba Jones
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              Joshua, for me yes, I purchased it at the Home Depot store for $150; they had two. Being as I do not have their brushed impact wrench I am not able to provide that comparison. For testing I used a 5 Amp-hr battery on my Gen4X impact driver and this new brushless impact wrench. Torqued a few lugs to 120 this new impact wrench made quick work of them; this impact wrench is powerful. Oh, the impact driver also removed the torqued to 120 ft-lbs lugs, but not with their 2 Amp-hr battery.
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            I got around to putting in some work with the new impact. It gets really hot like any impact would during continuous use, I couldn't touch any metal. Once I took off my gloves I could also feel a lot of heat where the pistol grip connects to the body. This thing is hungry as it would drain a 4.0ah battery in 15-20 minutes. However the impact never showed any signs of slowing down or having any issues, so I'd say it's worth it especially light-medium torque jobs. I'm going to keep it as I'm tired of dealing with my corded impact.


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              Let's just say I have remedied most of my runtime problems Click image for larger version

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                I was finally able to buy the new Gen5x brushless impact wrench online with a 4ah battery for $159. Heck of a deal. According to box it has 450 ft lb of torque, which should be enough for me. When it isn?t, I still have my Blue Point air impact gun or a breaker bar if it?s that bad.

                I haven?t got to use it yet, but I can say even with a 4ah battery it is lighter than my air impact gun. I think I will use my 2ah battery?s just to keep it lighter yet.

                Thanks for all the info all!