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  • husqvarna chain saw -terrific

    Hello, I have been away for over a month; I live on the gulf coast of Mississippi and since I returned home (minor damage but I have a roof and walls and no water in my home) the only wood working I have done is cutting trees. Bought a Poulan Pro 18" saw and used it for 2 days; what a poor excuse for a saw! Chain came off many times, it bogged down and was hard to start. Returned it to Home Depot with no problem and bought an 18" model 340 Husqvarna.What a difference! Have used it for the past two and a half weeks with no problems; actually enjoy working with it even though its hot as hell here and its back braking work.Just wanted to info those that might be looking at getting a chain saw. The husq. is about $90 more but worth every dollar! Its good to be back. Kenny

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    Just a quick comment on Poulan. A very good friend of mine bought one. He had a problem when the saw got hot he couldn't restart it. He called Poulan and they took him through their drill and then told him he needed repair service. He called the repair shop and they told him sure bring it in. However they did mention a cost. He said he had just bought the saw and it was in warrantee. Their answer was you need an adjustment and adjustments aren't covered by the warrantee only defective parts and labor. Needless to say HD now has a slightly used chains saw that won't start when warm.
    I personally will not buy Poulan after this experience.
    Rev Ed


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      Amen, I grew up using a Husqvarna because that’s what dad always believed in. After the wife and I purchased a few wooded acres, it was time to buy a saw of my own. I purchased a 365 and LOVE it. That baby cuts anything…even when it’s hot.