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Ridgid 18V Hammer Drill variation???

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  • Ridgid 18V Hammer Drill variation???

    Check this out. I have several of these 18V Ridgid hammer drills (t-handle). And out of all of them I have ONE that is different. The side handle mounts right behind the chuck, rather than after the clutch setting ring. Anyone heard of this? Anyone know what's up? Prototype? Rolling model change? Thanks for any answers.

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    IIRC, this came up a couple of months after Ridgid first introduced thier line of hand tools. I believe that there was a design change almost immediately after the line came out and the one with the handle in front of the clutch is the current design.
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      Incorrect. The one with the handle BEHIND the clutch is the new one. The handle was moved behind the clutch to obtain more surface to clamp the handle on and keep the drill from twisting inside the handle's clamp. Also, if you look at the box for each version, the new version with the handle behind the clutch is rated at a higher max torque of 510 inch-pounds.