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  • rusty table

    I bought the T3650 about a month ago and really like it. During setup I took the oil off the saw table and put on paste wax like the instructions said to. I live in SW La. and the saw is in my garage. Today was the first humid day we've had since I bought it. I get home from work and the table is all rusty. I'm having a hard time getting it off? any ideas on the best way to remove it and keep this from happenining again.

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    The latest issue of WOOD magazine rated the following products best for rust removal and prevention;

    1. Boeshield Rust-Free (Best Rust Remover)
    2. Boeshield T-9 (Best Rust Protectant)
    3. Empire TopSaver ( Best Combination Product)
    I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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      Get you some #0000 steel wool or those green pads you wash your pots adn pans out with (make sure to get all the chili beans out of it first!) and your orbital sander, throw ur steel wool down, put the sander on top and go to town. Works great! I read in a magazine just to take some wax paper, wad it up adn rub it on, supposed to leave a coat of wax on the top. I got this idea out of Fine Wood Working tools and Shops Winter 03/04 edition.


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        Once you have the cast iron surface cleaned up and waxed cut a piece of cardboard to cover the table and extesions. Lay it over the saw when not in use and it will absorb the moisture. I have a cast iron saw in a trailer I take from job to job and rust has always been a problem. Since using the cardboard I haven't had the problem. Hope it works for you too.


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          take a green scour pad and cut it to fit on a random orbital sander like one other individual suggested. use mineral spirits on the surface under the pad.

          once cleaned up, buy a can of Bostick Topcote.

          best 13 bucks i have ever spent!


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            Agree with green scrubby and ROS---you might try Simple Green---it worked great for me. Be sure to dry off the residue completely and then paste wax. Don't think you want anything capible of retaining mositure in contact with the top----learned my lesson leaving a green 2x4 on top of my saw. Anyway, you might try and rig up a cover that sits off the table and get some absorbant packs---and tape them up inside the cover. Boat dealers sell some of this absorbant.

            If the same problem occurs again, I'd contact Ridgid's customer service----also try to find out if anyone else in a humid area like yours has the same problem. There is a chance it could be the grade of cast iron.


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              I'm assuming that you have not waxed the table since you purchased it a month ago (sorry if my assumption is wrong). Depending on the amount of use, I try to wax (Johnson's Paste wax - yellow can) the table every week (reguardless of use). In my opinion this helps in two ways; 1) Maintains a slick surface for cutting of boards, and 2) Ensures there's a protective coating on the surface to prevent moisture from affecting the table of the saw. I use my TS3650 every evening, so I know that it is ready for a good coat of wax. Hope this helps.